Crawford Technologies Releases SunRise, Industry’s First CMOD Web App Server at Insight 2014

CrawfordTech demos ‘SunRise’ at IBM’s Insight Conference in Las Vegas from October 26-30


October 21, 2014, Toronto, Ontario – Crawford Technologies announced today the general availability of SunRise, its new, highly-anticipated solution for IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD), which CrawfordTech will demonstrate October 26-30 at IBM’s Insight Conference in Las Vegas. Sunrise is the first solution of its kind to integrate with existing IT environments and provides web and mobile applications with a web services interface for delivering, enhancing, transforming and presenting business-critical content. No other solution offers faster performance as well as the ability to deliver documents dynamically in a myriad of formats – including accessible, enhanced, redacted and eEnvelope – from existing archived documents.

SunRise is an enterprise, high-volume document retrieval and conversion server for IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) repositories. Running as a web services application, SunRise provides high-speed access to archived documents and data in CMOD repositories.

“SunRise lets organizations unlock the documents stored in their archives and deliver the documents in ways that can improve their customer retention and meet regulatory needs,” said Ernie Crawford, President of Crawford Technologies. “SunRise truly allows CMOD to be the heart of organizations’ ePresentment and paper suppression strategies.”

The CrawfordTech team will be demonstrating Sunrise’s full capabilities at IBM’s Insight 2014 Conference in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay from October 26-30, 2014. Attendees should mark their calendars and stop by the Crawford Technologies booth, located at booth #739.

Ernie Crawford, President of Crawford Technologies, will conduct two educational sessions at the Insight Conference. Entitled “Best Practices to Make ECM Documents Accessible and Compliant using PDF/UA”, Ernie will speak at session EEP-6213A on Wednesday, October 29 at 11:15 a.m. and session EEP6213B on Thursday, October 30 at 1:45 p.m.

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About Sunrise

SunRise breathes new life into archived documents by unlocking the data and enriching it via CrawfordTech’s advanced document reengineering and productivity capabilities.

The value of the customer documents, financial reports and transaction information stored in your CMOD repositories can now be more effectively leveraged by analytical tools, by marketing, and even by new business partners and regulatory agencies. SunRise can put the appropriate safeguards in place to make this viable.

New rules and regulations regarding how customer data is stored, accessed and displayed presents your organization with new challenges as you try to maintain compliant customer portals and other ePresentment applications. With CrawfordTech’s SunRise and a CMOD repository, organizations can quickly and effectively implement a scalable solution to effectively meet these new challenges.

Whether an enterprise is faced with complying with new privacy and regulatory mandates or delivering enhanced and secure online access to customers, SunRise enables quick and effective implementation of a scalable solution to meet these and other challenges.  Leveraging existing CMOD environments and CrawfordTech’s SunRise minimizes the risks and costs associated with preventing data breaches or meeting new regulatory and compliance demands.

SunRise Capabilities:

  • Integrate web and mobile applications easily with existing IBM CMOD repositories
  • Transform archived documents from one format to another (i. e. AFP to PDF)
  • Apply advanced reengineering to documents in your repository
  • Identify, extract, and repurpose data stored in archived documents
  • Retrieve, comingle and display disparate archived documents in one PDF
  • Remove confidential information completely without altering original documents
  • Convert static documents into Accessible PDF documents for individuals who need them
  • Support eEnvelope to optimize online and mobile presentment of customer’s mail
    • Include electronic versions of all inserts included in the original mailed envelopes
    • Extend the documents to include interactive features and live links
  • Enable sophisticated data-driven marketing to fully utilize business data locked in your archives
  • Maximize retrieval performance and throughput via CMOD Connection Pooling and print resource caching