CrawfordTech Releases Powerful GUI for Document Re-engineering

PRO Designer for Operations Express offers users power, flexibility and backward compatibility


April 10, 2013, Toronto, ON – Crawford Technologies has just released the industry’s most powerful and flexible GUI system for document re-engineering, ‘PRO Designer for Operations Express’. PRO Designer is a new, intuitive graphical interface that allows users the choice of configuring CrawfordTech software using the innovative new GUI or with the users’ own text-editing tools when designing transform, indexing and document re-engineering application setups for print files as well as PDF files.

Operations Express allows users to quickly and cost-effectively optimize and enhance print output and automate mail processing. In turn, this allows organizations to fully utilize printer and inserter investments by leveraging existing print-streams. It consolidates work onto fewer devices without having to make expensive and time consuming application changes upstream.

“We are very proud to be leading the industry when it comes to providing the most capable document re-engineering technology, and the PRO Designer GUI makes Operations Express even more powerful and easy to use,” said Ernie Crawford, President of Crawford Technologies.

“Operations Express has become a very popular product, as many organizations are replacing their legacy document re-engineering products with our more flexible technology. Organizations are finding that document re-engineering solutions can streamline their document creation processes, saving money and helping them get document changes completed faster.”

‘PRO Designer for Operations Express’ is the first software of its kind to fully support all types of print-stream formats, including AFP, PCL, Xerox Metacode, PDF and PDF/A. For existing CrawfordTech customers, PRO Designer is completely compatible with existing CrawfordTech configuration and index command files, providing backward compatibility and ongoing co-existence.

“PRO Designer’s GUI is what our customers have been asking for. It is easy for new users to work with and allows maximum productivity for more experienced users,” said Dave Hook, Vice President of Product Management for Crawford Technologies.

Capabilities of CrawfordTech’s new ‘PRO Designer for Operations Express’ include:

  • Leverages existing production print-streams in order to inexpensively and rapidly streamline mailroom operations, lower costs and increase operational efficiencies.
  • Quickly and cost-effectively leverages existing production print-streams to optimize and enhance print output and automate mail processing across existing printer and inserter investments and consolidate work to fewer devices without the user having to make expensive and time consuming application changes upstream.
  • Adds flexibility to print and mailroom operations, optimizes equipment utilization and increases operator productivity. This flexible business application adds value across an organization’s facilities as they employ it to advance internal automation, deliver on operational imperatives and support important Q/A and customer service processes.
  • Delivers a straightforward method for re-engineering and manipulation of existing print documents.
  • Rapidly and inexpensively integrates with existing infrastructures to add, suppress and manipulate document components such as control numbers, text fields, and OMR marks as well as internal and postal barcodes. This includes 3of9, 2of5, 2D barcodes such as DataMatrix and PDF417 as well as the USPS Intelligent Mail® barcode.
  • Fits into any system architecture easily and reliably, and can run as a standalone system to add value to print-streams and output the results in the same format (e.g. AFP in to AFP out) or can be configured to convert to a different output format all in a single step.

CrawfordTech’s team members will be demonstrating PRO Designer for Operations Express at the Xplor International User Conference & Vendor Forum in St. Pete Beach, Florida from April 16-18, 2013. CrawfordTech’s executive team will be present to answer questions and discuss recent announcements. Crawford Technologies is a Platinum Sponsor of Xplor and will be located at booth #31.

For more information about the upcoming Xplor International User and Conference & Vendor Forum, go to their website.