New Solution Revolutionizes High Volume Accessible Documents Creation for the Visually Impaired

Crawford Technologies’ MasterONE universal architecture and ‘Accessibility Express’ enables one-time setup for transactional document creators to deliver all accessible document types, including traditional alternate formats


March 23, 2016, Toronto, ON –Crawford Technologies announced today the general release of its new MasterONE universal architecture that allows organizations to easily and cost-effectively streamline the transformation of high-volume documents into accessible formats. MasterONE was created to help organizations respond proactively to more strict enforcement of current and pending global accessibility legislation that mandates documents in formats visually-impaired people can read. This new approach makes it possible for accessible documents to be created in the normal document creation flow instead of being created separately.

Evolving worldwide legislation requires governments and organizations to provide documents to the visually impaired in the format they request, such as Braille, large print, e-text, audio, accessible PDF and formats compatible with smartphones and tablets. In the past, transcribing documents into all of these formats was expensive and time-consuming. The process is now affordable and streamlined with the release of CrawfordTech’s new MasterONE and ‘Accessibility Express’ all-in-one solution.

MasterONE allows organizations to create documents in Accessible PDF, Accessible PDF/UA, Braille, Large Print, eText, Audio and Voiceye, a high density barcode that makes paper documents easy to read with a smartphone. Since many organizations do not have the necessary facilities to create documents in traditional alternate formats, MasterONE compliant products can interchange documents with certified accessibility service centers for media creation. Certified centers today include CrawfordTech’s Canadian and U.S. Document Accessibility Services (DAS) centers. Other centers are currently being certified to provide this service.

When using CrawfordTech’s ‘Accessibility Express’, organizations can create paper documents containing Voiceye barcodes as well as electronic documents in Accessible PDF. Voiceye allows people with visual or cognitive impairment the ability to read text from printed pages using a smartphone or tablet.

“Organizations are facing increasing costs to achieve compliance with accessibility laws and regulations all around the world,” said Ernie Crawford, CEO of Crawford Technologies. ”With MasterONE and ‘Accessibility Express’ we are simplifying these efforts for organizations so they can make accessibility a part of their normal document creation workflow, eliminating a lot of exception processing.”

The Crawford Technologies team will showcase the MasterONE technology at the Voiceye booth at the CSUN 2016 conference March 23-26, 2016 in San Diego, CA. CrawfordTech will also be demonstrating MasterONE at the Xploration 16 conference April 5-7, 2016 in Orlando, FL.

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