‘Voiceye Maker for Operations Express’ awarded 2016 Technology of the Year by Xplor International

Crawford Technologies’ Voiceye enables the visually impaired to read text from printed pages using a smartphone


April 4, 2016, Toronto, ON – Crawford Technologies announced today it will be honored during the Xploration ’16 customer communications conference, receiving the coveted Xplor International ‘2016 Technology of the Year’ award for its new ‘Voiceye Maker for Operations Express’ solution. Featured recently on the Discovery’s Channel’s NewsWatch program, the innovative Voiceye technology enables people with visual or cognitive impairment to read text from printed pages using a smartphone.

“With Voiceye, organizations can make their original printed documents inclusive, meaning accessible to anyone, eliminating much of the exception processing that is done today to provide special formats,” said Ernie Crawford, President of Crawford Technologies. “This disruptive technology is turning accessibility into business as usual, and we are proud to be recognized for our part in revolutionizing the accessibility market.”

Voiceye is based on a patented, ultra-high-density barcode – smaller than a QR code – that can hold the information from several pages in a single barcode. Using a free smartphone app, Voiceye barcodes are scanned and allow visually-impaired users to use their phone’s standard accessibility features to hear the document spoken to them. They can also read the printed document in large font and high contrast viewing modes or display them on refreshable Braille displays. The app can link to ‘Google Translate’ for people who need to read their documents in a different language.

‘Voiceye Maker for Operations Express’ allows high-volume document producers to make all their documents into fully accessible pages. By implementing ‘Voiceye Maker for Operations Express’, organizations can significantly reduce the costs of creating separate documents in traditional alternate formats.”

“We received a larger than normal number of award submissions, making it a challenge for the Awards Committee to select a winner,” said Skip Henk, EDP, President and CEO of Xplor International. “Voiceye is truly an amazing new technology and we are pleased to once again honor Crawford Technologies.”

In addition to winning ‘2016 Technology of the Year Award’, Crawford Technologies will receive an Honorable Mention award in the same category for its new ‘PRO Inkjet Express’ solution. ‘PRO Inkjet Express’ is a modular and scalable software solution that gives organizations powerful tools to migrate transactional print workloads to high-speed color inkjet presses. This allows organizations to implement an automated end-to-end production workflow and fully leverage the capabilities of their inkjet presses quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

The Xplor International ‘Technology of the Year’ award honors an individual, company or organization that has conceived and developed an original concept leading to a significant advancement in the industry. It can be a new program, product, or technology that notably enhances the capabilities of document and communication systems.

For more information about Crawford Technologies’ award-winning solution, ‘Voiceye for Operations Express’, please click here. To watch the Discovery Channel news story on ‘Voiceye for Operatons Express’, click here. For more information on ‘PRO Inkjet Express’, click here.
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