AccessibilityNow Publisher

For those who have documents they want to tag themselves, AccessibilityNow Publisher software automates the PDF tagging process. It can be run in an automated fashion under a workflow or RPA system or called through an API. It can achieve completion rates as high as 90%, significantly reducing the time it takes to make documents accessible.

AccessibilityNow Publisher converts documents into virtually any accessible format that can be requested by recipients including Accessible PDF (WCAG compliant), PDF/UA, or HTML5 (Accessible and responsive).

AccessibilityNow Publisher converts documents from any print ready format -- PDF, AFP, Xerox Metacode, PCL and PostScript -- so it can handle virtually all of your document remediation needs. It can also ingest image documents using OCR technology, converting these into accessible formats as well.

The final steps, such as adding alternate text for images and tweaking the reading order can be done with any good remediation tool. If needed, we can provide onsite software for doing this work and verifying that they are WCAG compliant. This can be used on normal PDF files or files that have been run through AccessibilityNow Publisher.

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