AccessibilityNow® Services

Crawford Technologies’ Document Accessibility Services are recognized for their in-depth industry knowledge and unequaled expertise in document accessibility.   Our experts have a complete understanding of the complex document accessibility landscape, and can translate confusing technical concepts into straightforward solutions to your needs.

The Importance of Compliance

Considerable settlements have been granted in the courts for companies not in compliance with current regulations. To support reasonable accommodation and ensure legal compliance, and to provide the ability to ensure all customers receive the complete and accurate information they are entitled to Crawford Technologies delivers industry-leading services and solutions for the delivery of documents in accessible formats to your visually-impaired customers.

Transactional Documents in Braille, Large Print, Audio, eText and Accessible PDF

For the blind, partially-sighted, and for those with cognitive disabilities, the ability to access bills, statements and other transactional documents in the format that they request is a legal right and a way to ensure customer loyalty. With over 25 million North Americans having profound visual impairment, governments and corporations alike are seeking to eliminate the barriers in providing reasonable accommodation for customer communications.

Our experts in document accessibility and workflows are available to help you with your toughest challenges. We offer services which provide transcription, production, quality assurance, fulfillment and distribution of critical customer communications at a secure facility. These services include production of braille (type 1 and type 2), large print, audio, e-text, and transcription to accessible PDF in multiple languages. Accessibility and alternate formats expertise will ensure the highest quality results – even with highly complex transactional documents.

Our consultants can help you plan and prepare your firm for every accessibility processing scenario, from routine document remediation to architecting complex workflows. Tell us what your challenges are, and we will help.

Security for Personal and Confidential Documents

The CrawfordTech U.S. and Canadian service bureaus are HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliant and we annually complete a Service Organizations Controls (SOC) 2 Audit Type II with HITECH principles examination audit. This ensures that we comply with regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 (GLBA) and ISO 27001, providing the highest security for our customers and their customers. All confidential document work is done onshore in our secure facilities.

Secure Facility for Document Accessibility Services

We provide both manual and automated transcription, production, fulfillment and distribution of your critical customer communications at our secure facility. Our services include production of braille (grade 1 and 2), large print, audio, DAISY, e-text, and transcription to accessible PDF and Accessible HTML5 in multiple languages. Our expertise in accessibility and alternate formats ensures that you’ll get the highest quality results – even with highly complex transactional documents.

Static Document Remediation

When you have any number of PDF files that need to be converted into an accessible PDF format, our remediation services can provide a quick conversion to accessible PDF and Accessible HTML5 in multiple languages. Our expertise in accessibility ensures that you’ll get the highest quality results – even with highly complex documents. The best part is that using our automation software and experienced staff, we can offer the best prices in the market, ensuring you that your costs are as low as possible.

Our teams are capable of very high-volume remediation projects, so if you have a large number of documents in need of remediation, we are capable of meeting your turnaround needs, and still deliver guaranteed quality documents.

Resource Integrated Supports Alternate Formats

Resource Integrated, a company that provides design, print, and data driven communications as well as logistics and distribution services, needed to create accessible documents in multiple formats for a large telecom client. In order to be in compliance with current regulations, contractual communications in the requested format had to be delivered within 72 hours of a customer sign-up. Resource Integrated works with CrawfordTech’s Secure Document Accessibility Services Bureau to automate the conversion from PDF format to accessible document formats like braille, large print, eText and Audio, allowing them to deliver communications to their client on-time.


Telus Provides Accessible Communications in Multiple Formats

To be in compliance with current regulations, this telecommunications firm needed to provide statements in both print and electronic accessible formats to their blind, partially-sighted, and cognitively disabled clients. CrawfordTech’s AccessibilityNow Services facilities takes their electronic print files and re-formats these into braille, large-format print, e-print, e-text and audio files at their PCI-compliant facilities, allowing them to deliver accessible documents in a pro-active and timely fashion.


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