AccessibilityNow Transactional

AccessibilityNow Transactional is the market-leading solution for making transactional documents into accessible formats. It is installed on-premises and fully automates the tagging process. This software includes AccessibilityNow Designer, a GUI design tool for setting up rules for creating accessible documents in all formats.

The AccessibilityNow Transactional tagging software can run in batch mode as part of your document creation workflow process, or interactively in your post-archive ePresentment solution by using AccessibilityNow Gateway to transform archived documents to accessible formats on demand.

AccessibilityNow Transactional is used by some of the largest banks and healthcare companies in the world. Many of these companies convert millions of statements into accessible PDF and HTML every day. They depend on its quality  and reliability to provide their customers with the best quality accessible documents that can be delivered. Did we mention speed? With sub-second conversion times for most documents, manual remediation just does not compete on either a cost or time-to-market basis.

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