March 2, 2012

CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: March 2, 2012

Welcome to March! This is a month full of excitement for the High Volume Transactional Output (HVTO) print and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industries. Why? We have two of the most targeted trade shows in the industry coming up this month, AIIM Conference 2012 March 20-22, San Francisco, Calif., and 2012 Xplor Global Conference and Vendor Forum March 27-29, St. Pete’s Beach, Fla.


CrawfordTech will be at both shows as a sponsor (Gold at AIIM and Platinum at Xplor); if you are going to be attending be sure to let us know by dropping us a note or setting up and appointment!

With this being a busy month and a year where many companies are preparing for drupa in Germany this May, the news is plentiful. This week your must reads include commentary on new technology and the collapse of print, a review successful and not so successful Quick Response (QR) code usage, questioning death of commercial printers and a look at tasty presentations at Xplor that you can actually eat.

In addition we have an invitation to the next Xplor Webinar: Missing Statements, Reprints and Workflow Management: The Automation Journey of an Operations Manager.

Have you stepped into the shoes of your Operations Manager lately?

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SmartPhones, Tablets and the Collapse of Print (via InfoBlog)—have pulled your iPad or Android tablet out recently to read the recent news because getting the printed edition was to inconvenient? This situation led to a thought provoking look at how new technology continues to change the print industry.

QR Review: Two Home Runs, a Walk, and a Strikeout (via MailPrint)—are you hitting home runs, walking the batter to first or striking out with your QR code promotions? MailPrint looks at four campaigns currently in market using QR codes and rates them based on the experience, value to the customer and perceived use strategy.

Death of A Commercial Printer? (via M-Bossed)—have you ever considered moving away from the mainstream and getting into a niche business? Ryan takes a look at a strategy posed by Seth Godin on the weird, or alternative, if you prefer. See how niche markets can affect those positioned with broad product and service offerings.

Tasty Presentations? (via Skip Henk)—the Xplor Global Conference and Vendor Forum is know for its networking, exclusive educational content and industry awards. This year you can actually taste the presentations—literally. Check out this post from Skip Henk and see what Xplor has in store for everyone later this March.

Missing Statements, Reprints and Workflow Management: The Automation Journey of an Operations Manager (via Xplor Webinar)—this webinar is designed to highlight the daily challenges in the role of an Operations Manager. Find out the challenges many Operations Managers face and how those challenges can be addressed. This Day in the Life story has a little twist, be sure to registered and find out how this story has a different ending.


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