October 23, 2014

Experience CrawfordTech’s New Solutions for IBM CMOD and ECM at Insight 2014

This year at Insight 2014, experience the new solutions Crawford Technologies has developed to extend and expand the value of your IBM CMOD and ECM systems. This week we just announced SunRise, which brings many new capabilities to CMOD users, including Accessibility, Redaction and much more. SunRise is the first solution of its kind as it integrates with existing IT environments to provide web and mobile applications with a web services interface for delivering, enhancing, transforming and presenting business-critical content. This is valuable to those attending IBM Insight, especially CMOD users, as no other solution offers faster performance, as well as, the ability to deliver documents dynamically from existing archived documents in a myriad of formats including: accessible, enhanced, redacted and Electronic Envelope™.

SunRise breathes new life into archived documents by unlocking the data and enriching it via CrawfordTech’s advanced document reengineering and productivity capabilities. The value of the customer documents, financial reports and transaction information stored in your CMOD repositories can now be more effectively leveraged by analytical tools, by marketing, and even by new business partners and regulatory agencies. SunRise can put the appropriate safeguards in place to make this viable.

SunRise also lets organizations unlock the documents stored in their archives and deliver the documents in ways that can improve their customer retention and meet regulatory needs. It truly allows CMOD to be the heart of organizations’ ePresentment and paper suppression strategies.

In addition to SunRise, several of the capabilities that we provide to CMOD users include the following:

PDF Load Streamlining

One of the sore spots with CMOD is PDF indexing and loading. You either end up with huge storage costs or very slow load times or both. With our indexing technology, and new capabilities which have been added to CMOD in V8.5, we can help you significantly reduce PDF load times and achieve huge storage savings.

PDF Optimization

PDF optimization from CrawfordTech falls into two categories. First our PDF Normalizer can take your PDF files that are either bloated or inefficient and streamline them so they load into CMOD and/or print very efficiently. Second, our PRO Concatenator can take thousands of separate PDF files, that have been either created separately or have been split for ePresentment purposes, and combine them into one streamlined PDF file for ingestion into CMOD or for printing purposes. This can generate significant cost savings.


CrawfordTech has been creating accessible documents for organizations since 2008. In our services facilities, we process print, MS Office and PDF files on behalf of organizations all over North America to create and mail accessible versions of documents on their behalf. These include braille, Large Print, E-text and audio. Last year we added support for creating PDF/UA and WCAG compliant accessible PDF format. In addition to doing this on a services basis, we offer the technology as a transform (PRO Transform Plus for PDF/UA) that you can install on premise and run prior to ingestion into CMOD, or during retrieval. This is an exciting approach to accessibility, as it allows you to turn your existing archives into accessible documents without rewriting all of your applications.

Electronic Envelope

A major trend is to use CMOD for ePresentment using web or mobile channels. When you do that, there are some things missing that the recipients of traditional postal mail documents get. The first is that the document is displayed on a white background, whereas the paper document was most likely printed on a pre-printed form with proper branding. The second missing item is the regulatory inserts that need to be delivered to the customer. Last, but not least, are the marketing inserts that someone has paid a lot of money to deliver to your recipients. When documents are delivered from CMOD repositories via SunRise, the Electronic Envelope option allows you to put all of these missing objects into the PDF file that gets automatically created during the retrieval process. Voila — the online user gets everything that he/she would have received via snail mail.

Want to see SunRise in action?

The Crawford team will be demonstrating SunRise’s capabilities at IBM’s Insight 2014 conference in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay from October 26-30, 2014. We will be located in the IBM ECM area at booth #739. Also being featured at Insight is Riptide®, a complete output management and content delivery solution for IBM ECM. Both Riptide® and SunRise are fully integrated with IBM Content Navigator and integrate with other enterprise applications using a RESTful API.

On top of showcasing these solutions within the booth at Insight 2014, Ernie Crawford, President and CEO, will conduct two educational sessions at the Insight Conference and speak on a panel about accessibility during the OnDemand User Group (ODUG). The general session is entitled “Best Practices to Make ECM Documents Accessible and Compliant using PDF/UA”. Ernie will speak at session EEP-6213A on Wednesday, October 29 at 11:15 a.m. and session EEP6213B on Thursday, October 30 at 1:30 p.m. You can use this link to plan one of these sessions into your Insight 2014 schedule: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/events/insight/index.html.

The CrawfordTech team looks forward to seeing you at our booth #739 next week and see how our solutions can enhance the value of your IBM ECM systems.