July 27, 2015

Now That I Decided to Migrate to a New Inkjet Press, What Do I Do Next?

You decided it is time to retire the legacy toner based printers and migrate to Inkjet so you can gain the advantages of color, speed, productivity, and of course increase profit!

I had the pleasure of attending nGage’s Inkjet Summit the past two years. The one thing I heard over and over again was the need to prepare for the big day. Workflow is the key to enhancing and improving the profits you expect to gain with your new purchase.

While the term “workflow” can be used in place of “Automated Document Factory,” they are not necessarily interchangeable. In the case of Inkjet there are many workflow solutions you should implement prior to the first image coming off your new press. Some impact your ADF, others are simply enhancements like adding color using GUI tools (like Crawford Tech’s Document Designer) to quickly implement changes without IT involvement.

You should step back and take a look at the types and sizes of jobs you want to migrate. First off, are they composed in the correct print format? If not, going back and changing legacy applications can be costly and time consuming.

Are the jobs you have segmented to optimize both print and post processing equipment? If not, lost productivity will cut into your profits.

Have you identified which pre-printed stationary you can eliminate now that you can print the shells? Again, two choices exist: going back to the legacy application or enhancing the document post composition.

I invite you to download a case study from a large Print Services Provider who attended the Inkjet summit and made the decision to implement workflow changes prior to the delivery of their new inkjet. The team identified 11 immediate opportunities and 2 future opportunities. Read how they identified the challenges, made the decision on how to address them, and implemented a solution that saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Want to talk one-on-one? Contact me and we can discuss your approach and how opportunities for increased productivity and increased profits can be realized.

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