September 8, 2014

Post Expo 2014: Postal, Courier, Express

As I gear up to attend Post Expo in Stockholm I started thinking about how my career has culminated in representing Crawford Technologies software solutions and what they mean and how they help the industry.

Please forgive the memory lane….

Having started my print and post journey over twenty five years ago I can certainly say I have seen some changes. From the humble beginnings on a Mutilith 1250 through to a succession of Heidelbergs I thought wet print was the only way to send information to the masses.

I had a chance encounter with a Xerox 4635 and was asked to learn PDL in the late ‘80s and then my outlook changed forever. Variable print on each page, crazy! Of course I soon learnt I had seen the tip of the iceberg and moved on to more complex software that could create true 1:1 communications with the target audience.

Trundling through the mid and late 90’s it became clear that paper itself was under threat! The portents of doom had declared that traditional post would die and that the future sees everyone with some sort of digital information take over our need for holding physical documents.

For what seemed like the first time we all sat down and worked out what would make a difference to the people that matter; the people who receive the information. We knew that information could be mailed, faxed, emailed, archived and posted online (yes, even then) but what was the best way to deliver all of this in a way that a business could handle and in a way that the customer wanted.

This brings me back to my original thoughts and how Crawford Technologies help the industry (at last I hear you say). Our solutions have the ability to ingest most document structures and allow the ability to re utilize the information on the printed page for other purposes.

The original format is becoming irrelevant, you can now fully utilise any of your print files by directly converting them for delivery to any channel required. Giving the customer complete control of how, when and where they see their documents without hindering internal business processes.

Come see me at Post Expo happening 23rd September- 25th September in Stockholm, Sweden. Crawford Technologies booth is A20:02. You can book a meeting with myself during the time of the show here.

For more information on Post Expo click here.