May 18, 2011

Postal Regulatory Commission approve USPS Mobile Barcode Promotion

Recently we told you that the USPS were to offer postage discounts to mailers that use QR Codes. Well, the Postal Regulatory Commission have now approved the USPS’ Mobile Barcode Promotion, allowing the scheme to go ahead.

During the approval process, the PRC extended the offer to include non-profit mailers, a category missing from the original recommendation.

The USPS Mobile Barcode Promotion was originally designed to increase awareness of QR Codes and other 2D barcodes, helping to show mailers how these up-and-coming assets can increase the value of mail.

We believe the USPS are right to promote mobile barcodes. The US currently tops the charts in the use of QR Codes, with recent analysis from 3GVision showing a 181.1% increase in the scanning of mobile barcodes over the first quarter of 2011. The UK, Netherlands, Spain and Canada make up the rest of the Top 5 countries making good use of mobile barcodes.

If you haven't implemented a QR Code solution yet, you still have time. CrawfordTech's QR Express solution can be installed and running before the promotion begins on July 1st 2011, so get in touch with us now to take advantage.


Now that the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) have given the promotion the green-light, what are you waiting for?