May 31, 2017

Top Company in Branham300

For the seventh consecutive year, Crawford Technologies has been ranked as one of Canada’s top Information and Communication companies in the Branham300 listing.  This list is published once a year by the Branham Group, a highly respected analyst and advisory firm. For 23 years, the Branhan300 has highlighted the top Canadian and Multinational ICT companies operating in Canada, as ranked by revenue.

We are very pleased to once again be recognized publicly and to be included on this list. It clearly shows consistent performance and growth. Some of the factors that have driven CrawfordTech’s success in a competitive environment are worth calling attention to since they are an integral part of our business and product strategy.

A Solid Foundation

Development started on our original core print stream transforms more than 20 years ago. There have been a lot of changes since then in the markets we serve and in the tools and technologies that Crawford Technologies and our customers use. However, the fact that the underlying architecture of our core products was designed to support growth and expansion means that over the last 20 years we have been able to continue to build upon this solid foundation.

Expansion and Improvement

We have also continued to innovate as our customers’ business needs have evolved. Changing conditions have been driven by realities such as the need for organizations in all markets to efficiently manage larger quantities of documents and information, the explosion of digital formats, the rapid evolution of production printing equipment, the changing function of ECM repositories, and of course the role of the internet in facilitating customer communications.

We have pro-actively added features and enhancements to our solutions so that we can respond to these business requirements, resulting in numerous options to extend our core transforms with capabilities like redaction, signed PDF, graphical user interfaces, and more.

New Solutions

CrawfordTech has released many new products and services that extend and enhance our core capabilities. Delivering accessible documents for the growing population of blind, partially sighted, and cognitively disabled individuals has become increasingly important due to changing global regulations. Our Document Accessibility products and services provide a range of solutions that automate the creation of accessible documents. Innovative products like Voiceye Maker for Operations Express and solutions like Accessibility Express and  PRO Transform Plus for Accessible HTML5, all based on our ground-breaking MasterONE architecture, make it easier than ever to create accessible documents.

Implementing an automated workflow, whether it’s to simplify the storage and management of enterprise content or to streamline production processes, will impact profitability, and as such is a vital goal for all organizations. Solutions like Riptide®, for extracting and consolidating content in ECM systems, PRO Archiver, for transforming, indexing and storing documents, and PRO Production Manager, for end-to-end production workflow design and management, allow our customers to be more efficient and save money.

Other new solutions address specific challenges such as extracting valuable information from data stored in an ECM repository, automating the process of providing customer requested reprints, delivering communications in each customer’s preferred format, and monitoring production workflows in real-time.

And of course, it’s more than great technology. Our customers rely on our outstanding professional services, training and support staff to help them be successful. Receiving a +63 NPS® score demonstrates the trust and confidence that our customers have in Crawford Technologies.

Being named to the Branham300 list is definitely an honor, but in some ways it’s not really a surprise. Our commitment to providing the highest quality products and services is what drives our success, something that has resulted in the numerous industry awards and customer testimonials that we have received. We look forward to continuing on our path of excellence.

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