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Why not just fix document accessibility at the source?

The successful mantra of organizations striving for digital accessibility is: “always direct efforts at the source applications” because unless you address accessibility issues there, it will be impossible to keep up as changes propagate throughout content over time. This works swimmingly for website design where you have relatively few source systems, and proven strategies that can be employed equally well across those systems.

Hunkeler Innovation Days, Feb 25 – 28, 2019: Lucerne, Switzerland

Next week Lucerne in Switzerland will once again welcome around 6,000 visitors from more than 50 countries to the much anticipated Hunkeler Innovation Days, which return to the city for 2019. This prestigious biennial event, where the world’s leading print solution vendors exhibit by ‘invitation only’, never fails to impress its attendees with a dazzling array of product innovations, new solutions and larger than life demonstrations, packed in to two exhibition halls over the show’s four day duration.

What are ePresentment Services?

ePresentment services are essential components of the processes that allow consumers to access documents via web portals and mobile devices. At the most basic level they are also used in large organizations to distribute internal documents and reports. However, it’s behind the scenes that ePresentment services get interesting.  In this post, we’ll look at the key functions of ePresentment services – bursting, transformation and viewing.

Discover the Secrets of PRO Designer

It’s not a secret that composition solutions have a level of complexity when it comes to creating and editing communication templates. Despite efforts to create WYSIWYG interfaces that resemble or even plug into Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign, the complex business rules that drive the content and testing required to ensure integrity of the communications can be a barrier when it comes to making what seems to be minor changes.

Document Accessibility for the Print Service Provider Industry

Document accessibility is a very hot topic for many organizations today. Both mainstream and industry press are publishing more articles about the significant fines that high profile companies are paying to settle lawsuits for noncompliance with current accessibility regulations like the ADA, the ACA, the Section 508 ICT refresh, and others.  Most organizations are aware of these regulatory mandates to provide documents in accessible formats upon request to their blind, partially sighted, and cognitively disabled customers. However, they struggle to identify and understand the best methods to fulfil these requests. Many companies will look to their print service providers for guidance or to handle accessibility requests from their customers on their behalf.