What is an NPS® Score and Why Should you Care?

In the past few years CrawfordTech has frequently referenced our Net Promoter Scores. In 2017, we proudly announced that we had received a +63, and in February of this year, we issued a press release that our latest NPS score is +68.  But what does this mean? And why would anyone care? Is a +63 or +68 really that great? After all, when we were all in school a score like that would have meant getting an F, or at best a D.

The Role of HTML & Responsive Web in your Accessibility Strategy

Recently, CrawfordTech announced the DTE 4.7 release and highlighted the new capability of transforming print-ready documents to Responsive HTML communications. While the need to make HTML responsive to the device being used by sighted customers is clear, understanding the value for those who are blind or partially sighted is key to ensuring a comprehensive communications strategy.

Transparency and Lawfulness – What does it Mean?

Welcome back

This is the second post in our blog series about the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations, which came in to full effect last month (25th May 2018). Last time we looked briefly at what’s new in the regulations and what this means for any company, worldwide, who is capturing and processing the personal data of EU citizens.

Technology in the Real World: Unum and Crawford Technologies Awarded 2018 Xplor International Application of the Year

Technological innovation for its own sake has a certain “cool” factor for software developers, industry analysts, and journalists, all of whom are looking forward to the next big trend to code, present, discuss, analyze, and expound upon.  However, innovation is relevant only when it can be applied to solving real-world business issues that have a meaningful impact for organizations implementing those innovative solutions.

The Work Behind the Workflow

A common theme underscores the major trends happening in customer communications. It’s workflow.

Process automation and workflow are critical for success in omni-channel communications and full color inkjet document production. Workflow also plays a sizeable role in regulatory compliance and outsourcing strategies. And mergers and acquisitions are making multi-site management a priority, which also demands reliable workflows.

Productivity and Profit

It’s no surprise that all companies strive to maximize productivity.  In fact, productivity is looked as an objective measurement of a company’s success. Wikepedia tells us “A productivity measure is expressed as the ratio of output to inputs used in a production process, i.e. output per unit of input. Productivity is a crucial factor in production performance of firms and nations.”