January 20, 2015

3 Easy Ways to Reduce Costs with Inkjet For Customer Communications

Optimize Your Mailing Costs, Leverage Your Inkjet Environment

We began our journey several blogs ago with 8 Sure Ways Leveraging Inkjet Will Save You Money. And we all like to reduce our expenses and streamline our departments. However, some of those eight ways are more involved than others.

I discussed in the last blog for this series the 5 Ways Inkjet and Software Can Optimize Your Mailing Costs with a goal of digging in a little deeper on how an inkjet print workflow and the right software solution can provide significant savings; especially when what you are producing and sending are must-have customer communications.

Today, I want to size this down a step further and focus on the third way you optimize your mailing costs and leverage and inkjet environment: Eliminate Pre-Printed Forms.

I know what you’re thinking: There can’t be an easy way to save just with one change in the process…so consider these three ways:

1. Reduce Inventory Size

2. Streamline Inventory Management

3. Prevent Waste from Damaged, Obsolete or Misprinted Forms

The above sounds great, but you really need a number to frame the amount of savings you could see from eliminating pre-printed forms. Current estimates state that 30 percent of real stationary inventory costs are related to waste due to damage and obsolescence, and of course changes due to never ending regulatory requirement changes.

Also, consider how reducing inventory size and improving your inventory management will impact the time your valuable workers spend on low-value tasks as opposed to high-value tasks. Instead of finding, moving, loading and replacing stock, you could be taking on more jobs and seeing more productivity across your customer communications workflow.

I invite you to view our lively (and we hope entertaining) presentation from the PRINTERVERSE at this past year’s GRAPH EXPO 14.

The presentation uses a real world example of workflow, document management and document accessibility. It also covers archiving/ECM considerations too, while showing how one large Print Services Provider (PSP) has taken its operations to the next level. And be sure to connect with me to find out how the right solutions can save you time, money and risk in your overall customer communications management.

The bottom line is your customers will thank you for the improved experience.