August 4, 2011

6 Reasons Why Customers are Using PRO Archiver

reduce risk, go paperless

PRO Archiver allows enterprises to maximize the value of report content while controlling costs, mitigating risk and increasing productivity.

PRO Archiver allows users the following advantages:

Reduce Paper

Many enterprises continue to expend time, financial resources and effort toward printing legacy reports in production print facilities and delivering them via costly inter-office mail systems while the recipients are waiting for timely information.

PRO Archiver transforms these files into digital images, eliminating the need to print and deliver reports.

Reduce Processing Time

The PRO Archiver Enterprise Processing Server builds upon industry-leading scalability to ingest, transform and index report content.

Information is made available more quickly, resulting in performance, availability and customer satisfaction.

Reduce Administration

PRO Archiver improves job status reporting capabilities and enables jobs to be executed according to pre-defined schedules.

The result is a hands-off administrative approach that increases IT productivity and maximizes resources.

Reduce Storage Costs

By retaining documents as part of an individual print stream, PRO Archiver maximizes storage efficiencies and minimizes the retention of common repetitive resources, such as fonts, graphics, forms and images. The result is a storage footprint resulting in reduced storage costs.

Mitigate Risk and Align to Compliance Initiatives

PRO Archiver enables you to apply security profiles, lifecycles, audit trails and retention management policies to print streams or individual documents.

Increase Productivity

PRO Archiver makes reports actionable using EMC Documentum workflow or business process management capabilities.

Reports can be matched to new or existing business process, increasing productivity via automation and collaboration.

High Volume Archiving and Migration

PRO Archiver leverage’s the efficient storage and ingestion capabilities of the EMC Documentum High Volume Server (EMC HVS).

PRO Archiver can transform and index, or migrate existing metadata and files into EMC HVS.

PRO Archiver makes reports actionable using EMC Documentum workflow or business process management capabilities.

View the PRO Archiver brochure in PDF format.