February 24, 2015

8+5+3= Customer Communications Savings You Cannot Afford to Ignore

If you’ve followed my recent blog series, you learned 8 ways to leverage inkjet, 5 ways to optimize mail costs and 3 ways to reduce the cost of inkjet (thus, 8+5+3).

Inkjet Brings Benefits

When you consider the benefits digital inkjet printing brings to your customer communications production alone, there is cost justification. However, it is the total solution of adding workflow automation and streamlining that I believe makes the cost savings (and justification) impossible to ignore.

If you missed our previous blogs, I invite you to look back on them by clicking the links below. For a quick recap, here is 8+5+3:

8 Sure Ways of Leveraging Inkjet for Savings:

1. Balancing of your print to minimize roll changeover

2. Concatenation of jobs for greater throughput

3. Managing jobs for post-printing operations

4. Maximize your postal discounts

5. Utilizing full color printing

6. Minimize (or eliminate) complex changes to your legacy applications

7. Taking advantage of postal discounts for use of color (in statement production)

8. Reduction of costly inventory

5 Ways to Optimize Mail Costs:

1. Combine print jobs to increase mail densities

2. Use color to take advantage of current postal discounts

3. Eliminate pre-printed forms with plain paper workflows

4. Make changes to the print stream in order to take advantages of inserter features and functions

5. Leverage the print stream to match your print file with your pre-sort software

3 Ways to Reduce Inventory Costs:

1. Reduce Inventory Size

2. Streamline Inventory Management

3. Prevent Waste from Damaged, Obsolete or Misprinted Forms

A Real Impact

Truly the above can impact how your organization communicates with your end-customers. Moreover, they can have a real impact on your cost savings, worker productivity and, perhaps most beneficial, the customer experience. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

By implementing solutions such as a Crawford Technologies’ Automated Output Management solution for Inkjet, you open the door to additional capabilities. Truly the expansion of you CCM strategy can benefit other areas of your enterprise or business. By working with the experts here at Crawford, you have new entry into areas like automated redaction, accessible PDF and alternate formats, multichannel preference management, and archive/ECM value-add capabilities.

The first step is to start saving…then let us show you how to Extend, Expand, Integrate and Share. It is easier than most organizations think.