November 11, 2014

8 Sure Ways Leveraging Inkjet Will Save You Money

When your company is wanting to save money it’s not always about how to cut from this department and that department; sometimes it is about increasing your efficiencies and productivity. When you look at your customer communications strategy, there are a number of areas that you can see significant bottom line savings by changing the way you approach the production and delivery of your regular printed and mailed communications.

I am going to focus on a steadily growing trend to move to inkjet printing and eight sure ways it can bring you savings in efficiency, productivity and cost of materials.

When you move your operations over to a digital inkjet production printer(s) your approach to your workflow and how you evaluate your print organizations print jobs should evolve. You could always make the choice to run your inkjet the same way you run your legacy print processes, but you could be leaving a lot of money on the table. Adding inkjet to your workflow should trigger a thorough analysis of your workflow and job-size; and the goal of this analysis is to uncover these operational improvements:

1.Balancing of your print to minimize roll changeover

2. Concatenation of jobs for greater throughput

3. Managing jobs for post-printing operations

4. Maximize your postal discounts

5. Utilizing full color printing

6. Minimize (or eliminate) complex changes to your legacy applications

7. Taking advantage of postal discounts for use of color (in statement production)

8. Reduction of costly inventory

How do the above improvements help you save time and money? With the right solution, you can adjust your print to match printer capabilities (gaining production and quality), optimize print to match roll size (less frequent stop and start of the printer), combine print jobs for optimal print runs and then break them into smaller jobs for post-production. And by leveraging inkjet to run a plain paper or “white paper” factory you can reduce pre-printed forms and the costs associated with purchasing, storing and managing them. Then, if you pass larger print runs to your postal discounting software you can yield greater mail densities and less postal costs.

Listing the operational improvements is the easy part, but achieving it takes a little bit of strategy and solutions that will provide the capabilities you need to achieve the eight sure ways listed above to leverage your inkjet investment. Truly, we are just scratching the surface in this short article, but if you are interested in learning more about the things your operations manager should be considering in their day-to-day operations and the impact to the bottom line, we invite you to view our on demand presenation recorded live at GRAPH EXPO 14 in the Print Media Centr Printerverse.