March 4, 2015

Crawford recap: February 2015

As the year progresses, I will be are summarizing a recap of our postings every month. To make sure you don’t miss any of the great articles posted on the Crawford, follow us on Twitter for our regular announcements. This past month there were several great topics such as weathering the winter storms many of us have been experiencing, the BYOD revolution, basics of branding and making your metrics meaningful. Just a few of these topics can be seen in these articles listed below…

Weathering the Storm: Winter Safety Tips for Ice and Snow

Should You Join the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ revolution?

The Basics of Branding

10 Trends in Customer Care for 2015

Below are a few excerpts taken from articles that were posted on our that I thought would be most relevant to the ever changing business climate:

In the article, How to Manage IT Really,Really Badly, technology governance is discussed. Steve Andriole talks about the way to improve your IT department is to understand that there are many participants in the governance process and that many of them were not even employees of the companies buying (or renting) technology or even the vendors. Today, governance is participatory, which means that the control of technology is shared among a variety of people inside and outside of the company.

Changing gears, Gartner recently hosted the webinar, Make Your Metrics Meaningful, hosted by Kurt Schlegal. Measuring aspects of your business, marketplace, customers and partners is more important than ever. Well-designed metric frameworks, yardsticks and communication mechanisms can avoid the many pitfalls that lead to confusion, misdirection and lack of collaborative performance.

In this next article, Type 3.0: The Future of Typography Today, Steve Matteson writes about the history and future of typography and its importance still today. Typography is central to any written message, may it be books, brands, web searches or even wedding invites. Type 3.0 is the most significant change in the evolution of type creation. Today, anybody can create content and exercise typographic decisions like font size, alignment and position. Read how this freedom can be great but can have its own consequences.

These short excerpts are just a small glimpse into the articles that we post daily on our newsletter. Follow us on twitter at @CrawfordTechInc to see all of our releases real-time.