February 5, 2015

Crawford Paper.li recap: January 2015

As 2015 progresses, here at Crawford Technologies we will be summarizing a recap of our Paper.li postings every month. We want to make sure you don’t miss any of the great articles posted on the Crawford Paper.li (make sure to follow us on Twitter for our regular Paper.li annoucnements!). In January, there were several great topics such as organizing your home, cyber security and the power of doodling.

Just a few of these topics can be seen in these articles listed below….

6 Ways to Organize Your Home in the New Year

Ten Trends and Technologies to Impact IT Over the Next Five Years

IBM Automotive Connected Car Technology – Connected Vehicle

Health Care and the Data Revolution

Below are a few excerpts taken from the above articles that I thought would be most relevant to our ever changing business climate:

In the article "The Rush to Cyber-Security", the growth of cyber-crimes is discussed. The growth of these crimes is in part due to the fact that online transactions have increased so there is bigger incentive for cyber-criminals. President Obama has even cautioned that cyber-attacks are the most serious economic challenge America faces. Cyber-Security has become an increasingly important consideration for individuals, businesses and governments. For businesses especially, they need to protect intellectual property and maintain confidentiality of personal records. For Crawford Technologies, this is where our Redaction Express for Customer Communications Management (CCM) helps organizations stay secure. 

To change gears, here is a book The Doodle Revolution: Unlock the Power to Think Differently, by Sunni Brown. She says “There is no such thing as a mindless doodle”. Brown’s book allows you to discover the potential of doodling as a simple and accessible tool for stimulating innovation and solving even the toughest problems. She also reveals that doodling has led to countless breakthroughs in science, medicine, technology and literature; and is actually a productive activity that inspires learning through visual thinking.

In this next article, How You Know When the Customer Experience Works…Hint: It is Not Just One Point in Time, Chris Echevarria says that when she looks back on the past year she thinks about the things that have worked well for their customers' experience and those ever-present opportunities for improvement. She continues the discussion by saying when speaking with her colleagues and making decisions, it’s about doing the right thing and always having the customer be their main focus. You, as a business person, need to relish the opportunities to make a seemingly regular meeting into one that is a memorable experience, one that the participants will remember long after they’ve left the building.

These short recaps are just a small glimpse into the articles that we post daily on our paper.li newsletter from industry leaders, current customers and news outlets. Follow us on twitter at @CrawfordTechInc to catch all of our daily paper.li releases.