August 13, 2014

Crawford recap: July 2014

Last month we posted our June recap of our postings (make sure to follow us on Twitter for our regular annoucnements!). I wanted to continue this recap so you don’t miss all the great articles that were posted on the Crawford in the month of July. There were several great topics such as sharing branded videos, hype cycles, corporate social responsibility and the best apps for summer travel. Just a few of these topics can be seen in these articles listed below….

The Most Important Part of Hype Cycles for Providers to Understand –Gartner

The Rise of Information Design-How Design

Below are a few excerpts taken from articles that were posted on our that I thought would be most relevant to the ever changing business climate.

In the article “Is There a Science to Sharing? Making Branded Online Video Content People Want to Share”, by Matt Rhodes, he explores the trends behind the rise in sharing of branded video content online by consumers. This trend has increased 22% in the last 12 months and continues to grow. He talks about a number of factors that we see when we work with clients on content marketing strategies, notably: 1.The importance of emotion 2. The power (and limitations) of social incentives and 3. Celebrities are not (always) the answer. For your own individual brand you have to consider the exact nature of content that will be shared will be different-understanding your own audiences and your own content marketing strategy is the critical factor for success.

Changing gears, here is an article on how “Creating a Business Case for Social Responsibility”. Having a social return is also critical to the business case, as being able to evidence and articulate the social impact of community investment is good for corporate reputation. Charitable organizations that can show they already have measurement systems in place and can provide robust social impact data are definitely ahead of the game because it supports their aim to create real shared value. A key consideration is the ability to measure the impact volunteering has on your employees, from both a professional and personal development perspective. NPC, as an example, has developed a unique interactive Community Action & Skills Hub, which allows them to focus on high quality, skills-based volunteering where they can achieve the greatest social impact whilst at the same time build the capability of their organization. The hub helps employees select a volunteering activity that will best enable them to achieve their personal development goals through the development of vital business and leadership skills.

In this next article “Tell Your Kids to be Data Scientists, Not Doctors”, Linda Burtch says that a 2014 study of salaries for data scientists (those responsible for a team of 1-3) shows they earn a median salary $140,000 and by contrast, the mean average annual income for a lawyer in America was $131,990 while doctors earned $183,940. Salary is not the only reason Linda would recommend encouraging your children to pursue statistics and coding over going to medical school. One of Linda’s predictions for the analytics hiring market this year was that data scientists would be embedded in analytics groups, and with the Internet of Things trend, the increase in wearables, social media sentiment analysis and many more applications for data science, it’s no wonder this career has so much buzz around it. The road to success as a Data Scientist begins with a strong early foundation in math. Linda believes strongly that this career path offers a bright future.

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