June 3, 2014

Crawford Technologies, Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going

At Crawford Technologies we are regular contributors to the e-newsletter OutputLinks. In the last month we have covered a lot of ground about where CrawfordTech has come from, what we do for our customers and where we are going. If you haven’t subscribed to OutputLinks, we wanted to give you a re-cap of what has been posted; and to invite you to check out one of the few targeted e-newlsetters to the transactional document and customer communications management industry.

At CrawfordTech we are dedicated to developing and deploying a suite of software and service solutions that meet the most demanding requirements for access to information. The definition of what we do at Crawford is growing and changing. We’ve grouped our development activities into four areas: 1) Accessibility 2) ECM 3) Output Management and 4) Archive.

For our accessibility area at Crawford Technologies, we worked with the PDF/UA committee to represent the needs of accessible transactional documents and define this important ISO standard. While working with this committee we came up with our PRO Transform Plus for PDF/UA product. It provides a solution to create statements, invoices and other variable documents in an accessible PDF format that conforms to the ISO 14289-1 standard. When working with accessible documents you have to consider what standard you want to use in Accessible PDFs: What you Have to Know, Dennis Quon discusses what the differences are between WCAG 2.0 and PDF/UA.

In the Enterprise Content Management and Output Management position we are working with the challenges of today around getting several departments working as one well-oiled machine in order to provide customer communications at the right time, in the right format, through the right channel and in a way that they can interact and understand it. When you’re a high volume transactional document producer and this is working correctly, you get cost savings, improved productivity and better customer relationships. Make sure you check the article by David Day, veteran in the Output Management world, discussing these issue in Do you have a Document Strategy or Disparate Workflow?

In the world of Archive, EMC just announced at EMC World the InfoArchive Consortium. This Consortium will share best practices, provide technical advice and promote a unique archiving approach that leverages the EMC InfoArchive platform supporting both structured and unstructured content to be consolidated into a single repository. This allows organizations to easily retire legacy applications with peace-of-mind knowing any type of information can be securely archived and retained while preserving the value of enterprise information. In A Mission to Improve Customer Communications, Jonathan McGrew talks about CrawfordTech's many accomplishments and how we have been recognized by multiple organizations.

As we continue to become subject matter experts in our four business areas. To help not only ourselves but the customers and partners in the field of financial services, healthcare, government agency or in any one of the many industry verticals that we serve. That is why we do what we do at CrawfordTech. It is our mission to design and deploy solutions and strategies that make a difference in ways that are innovative, intuitive and profitable.