September 2, 2011

CrawfordTech at GRAPH EXPO 2011, pre-show webinar and more!

Crawford Technologies – at booth #258 – is bringing software to the forefront of GRAPH EXPO 2011. An award-winning provider of software and services to the High Volume Transactional Output (HVTO) industry (otherwise known as transactional document printing), CrawfordTech seeks to reach attendees in need of print-stream transforms, document re-engineering/enhancement and production workflow management.

How does this fit in with the new digital equipment you will be checking out at GRAPH EXPO? With digital printing becoming more important now than ever, printers of all sizes are able to take advantage of transactional printing applications, such as bills and statements. This regular monthly work and cash flow make these jobs not only attractive, but sought after in today’s market.

Want to learn more about how you can compete for these types of job and bring them into your printing environment? CrawfordTech can help by showing you the advantages and flexibilities offered in our suite of software, services and solutions.

This year we are announcing the latest version of PRO Production Manager, a product launched at GRAPH EXPO 2010 and an Xplor International ‘2011 Innovator of the Year Award’ recipient. PRO Production Manager gives you end-to-end workflow management, while other offerings from CrawfordTech can transform your print-streams, manage your mailing process from creation to delivery and archive information to meet regulatory requirements.

Be sure to come by our booth so you can find out the latest feature enhancements built into PRO Production Manager and learn how to cut your costs and increase your return on investment. Want to setup a meeting to talk with us at GRAPH EXPO?

Ready to find out more prior to attending GRAPH EXPO? Join us for our webinar, "How to Maximize the Benefits of High-Speed, Full-Color Inkjet Printing" on September 7th at 13:00 US Eastern. Attend for actionable ideas on Transpromo, production workflows and more. Register at:


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