April 6, 2012

CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: April 6, 2012


April for the print industry marks the calm before the storm; May will bring the start of drupa, the largest print show in the EU, where new products and innovation will start to move the industry forward for the next four years and the lead up to IPEX. For those in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industry, EMC WORLD 2012 will kick off in the latter half of May with the theme of transform. Then coming up in June is the ONDEMAND/INFO360 show in New York City. This year the combined show floor will represent everything from digital workflow to Digital Asset and Enterprise Content Management.


This Spring is slated to be full of news and innovation and as we move towards the events that shape the industry, there is news you won’t want to miss. Last week at the 2012 Xplor Conference multi-channel communications and Digital Mailbox Services were hot topics. In fact, Matt Swain, InfoTrends, was asked to present his Digital Mailbox Services presentation as a conference best of session on the last day. The news also reflects this interest in the market with a Digital Mailbox Services Q&A, e-Boks expanding its Digital Mailbox Services in the EU, OZ post fighting digital mailbox in Australia and on a different bend Forbes looks at why you never have to go to the Post Office again.

Did you miss the AIIM Conference 2012? EnterpriseManagement.com covers the conference and the things you need to know in the ECM market.

How do you feel about digital communications?

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Q&A: InfoTrends’ Matt Swain on Digital Mailbox Services (via OutputLinks)—should printers fear Digital Mailbox Services? For many print service providers and mailers this is a question that has probably come up while looking toward the future. See how one industry analyst answers the question.

e-Boks Expands its Digital Mailbox Services Presence in Europe (via InfoBlog)—for those wondering if digital mail is here we invite you to look to Europe where they are a little ahead of the curve. E-Boks, jointly owned by Post Danmark and Nets, is expanding and acting as a proof point for those looking at digital mail around the globe.

OZ Post To Fight Digital Mailbox (via Smarthouse)—as new technology and services emerge there occasionally are roadblocks that have to be overcome. In this case, it is a challenge for the name ‘Digital Post’. Find out how OZ is resolving this dispute.

Never Go to the Post Office Again (via Forbes)—for some waiting in lines at a store seems pointless these days, especially when you can do most things from your tablet, smartphone or computer. But does that translate to the post office and the need to send and receive mail? Forbes takes a look at why you may never have to go to the Post Office again. Is it the death of the Post Office? The conversation might surprise you.

Digital Mailbox Services: Is There Value in Adopting Early — one of the big questions when looking at digital mail is whether companies and consumers should adopt now. In our March newsletter article we take a look at this question and offer our perspective on the value of adopting early.

In Search of a Strategic Imperative for Managing Enterprise Content: Lessons from AIIM, ECM Vendors and the User Community (via EnterpriseManagement.com)—recently Crawford Technologies attended the AIIM Conference 2012 and the experience was very valuable. If you missed it, Gary MacFadden has posted an insightful look at the conference. See what is happening in the ECM market.


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