August 10, 2012

CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: August 10, 2012

Here we are with another edition of the Crawford Technologies Weekly Reading list! At the end of last week we saw a sign of the times with a major school changing its name. Also in the news this week is an Australian company that is betting on digital mail and digital mailbox services to be the future revenue stream of their business. Some might think that is gutsy, but will they come out ahead?


In other mailing news this week, the USPS is in the headlines again with an unfortunate and significant loss for third quarter. Ironically, on the flip side we are told that print is still alive and has a future—specifically in variable data printing.

Finally, we have an invitation to next week’s Top Considerations For Your ECM Strategy Future webinar that will look at EMC Documentum and what companies should be looking at to make sure they are getting the most out of their archiving system of record. It has been shown that only 20% of business reports and documents are housed in the main archive system of record, this webinar will help you consider what to do with the other 80%!

Is there a future for variable data printing and can digital mail be the future?


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RIT Drops 'Print' from School's Name (via Printing Impressions)—the Rochester Institute of Technology is set to change history by changing the name of its School of Print Media. Find out what the new name is and why it is a “sign of the times.”

Computershare looks to digital postboxes as profits slump (via ProPrint)—when profits slump 41% you have a problem. For Computershare, they saw the writing on the wall some time ago and have been working to turn the ship and look for smoother waters in new technology. Where are they set to drop anchor? Digital Mailbox Services. Find out why and how they are doing it.

USPS posts $5.2 billion net loss for Q3 (via BtoB Magazine)—in the headlines again is the USPS with the announcement of the third quarter results. Find out more and how this is impacting the future of the USPS. Some might say this is why companies like in the story above are banking on digital mail.

Why Variable Data Printing is the Future (via MailPrint)—after the “No Print” Day fiasco it is clear that print is still alive and kicking. But what is the future? Some say it is variable data printing and they even have data to back it up. Read on to find how variable data printing is changing the printing landscape.

Webinar: Top Considerations For Your ECM Strategy Future (via CrawfordTech)— Crawford Technologies invites you to join us and learn about the latest strategies and top considerations for storing, loading and organizing high volume transactional documents in EMC Documentum. Join us to learn what you can do now that EMC has announced “end of life” for Archive Services for Reports and how to leverage the 80% of document and report content that is not housed in your EMC Documentum system. Two times on August 15, 2012!


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