August 15, 2011

CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: August 15, 2011

Three weeks in and we are continuing with another installment of our list of ‘must reads’ from inside the walls of CrawfordTech. Our goal is to provide more than the best software, services and solutions to the customers and industries we serve; we seek to provide educational content to help keep everyone on the leading edge. Be sure to check out the below articles to stay on top of the world in which we work.


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AFP Consortium Releases New AFP Industry Standard (via OutputLinks)—to start off the week, the AFP Consortium announced the latest version of the Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) industry standard. AFP, the leading architecture for transactional print, has a new interchange set that represents “a new level of maturity” for what people have called the backbone to the HVTO industry.

5 Big Mistakes to Avoid in Your QR Code Marketing Campaign (via Mashable)—are you on the fast track to implementing Quick Response (QR) Codes into your marketing, sales or event materials? If not, then you should! If you are, then this a quick read that will save you time, money and put you ahead of the curve.

Postal Service Needs Fewer Workers to Deliver (via Bloomberg) —times are a changing for the USPS that have shown that fewer works may be needed. No matter your industry, this article provides interesting insight on the state of the USPS from a financial and tactical perspective. A 20% drop in mail volume between 2006 and 2010 and $8 billion in losses last year is something that would capture most people’s attention.

Quark bought by US firm Platinum Equity (via PrintWeek) —Quark a recognizable name in the document layout and publishing markets since its first version of QuarkXPress was launched in 1987. A leader and dominated force in the industry for many years, Quark took a backseat to the Adobe Systems’ InDesign and added applications that have become known as the Creative Suite. In recent news this week, Quark announced that it has been bought by a US-based private equity house. See what this means for Quark and the document and publishing industries.

The 'Magic' That Is Media-Mix Modeling (via —Take a trip back to 1989 and review the concept of media-mix modeling and find out why the ‘90s ushered in this revolutionary idea. Not sure what media-mix modeling is? This article explains what it is and why it has withstood the test of time. We will give you a teaser though; think analysis of sales data and the correlation to marketing mix effectiveness.

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