August 17, 2012

CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: August 17, 2012

Switching gear this edition, we are focusing on digital print and the idea of innovation. This week in the news we take a look at the future of digital printing from iPads and diapers to the outlook in Russia. As a part of that, Trade shows come in to play, which is why recent IPEX news of those going (and not) and the traveling road show is top of mind.


Finally, we found a thoughtful piece from WhatTheyThink? on innovation. They bring forward the idea that it is easy to talk about, but hard to do. The result? Well, you will have to read on to find out what thought-leadership they provide in this week’s edition.

Is idea execution hard for your company?

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Diapers and iPads … Signs of the Time for Printing and Paper (via InfoBlog)—what do diapers and ipads have to do with the future of printing and paper? Jeff Hayes gets his inspiration from real life experiences (four kids explains the diapers) and being an analyst in the print and paper industry. Has the future of printing and paper changed forever? Find out Jeff’s interesting perspective on why companies need to transform their business.

Where the Growth is: Digital Printing in Russia (via InfoBlog)—in this post submitted by Ralf Schlozer, the focus is the future of digital printing, but not where you might expect. This conversation looks at Russia and the growth in that market. Is it sustainable? Profitable? And should webe paying attention? Read on to find out the real story behind the growth and its impact on the industry.

Ipex 2014 Starts Its Journey With World Tour (via—it is almost time for another Ipex and for some it is hard to believe that four years has already passed. Last Ipex saw Heidelberg and HP as the largest exhibitors and a rebranding announcement from InfoPrint Solutions, now Ricoh Production Print Solutions (RPPS). What is in store for 2013 and why is there a travelling road show? Click on the link above to find out.

Heidelberg pulls out of Ipex 2014 (via ProPrint)—right on the heels of the Ipex world tour announcement came a blow to the exhibitor list. Heidelberg, one of the largest exhibitors at Ipex 2010 has decided not to attend the show. The reasons they cite aren’t just financial, but strategic. Is this a trend or specific to such a large printing press manufacturer? Find out in this article hot off the press today.

Innovation: Easy to Talk About, Hard to Do (via WhatTheyThink?)—is execution the nitty gritty while ideas are revered as sexy? Or are we “drowning in good ideas”? Jennifer Matt takes a look at the conundrum of wanting creative ideas and the actual ability to execute. Maybe the executers are really the people we should worship and not those who have the ideas. See what you think after reading this thought provoking article.

Webinar: 16 Ways to Improve Cross Media Communications With Minimal Change and Risk (via CrawfordTech)— Do you do business in Europe? If you do and want to take advantage of cross media for your regular customer communications, but you’re worried about having to make changes to systems, applications, document composition systems and mailing technologies, this educational webinar is for you. Register today for our August 28, 2012 webinar.


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