August 19, 2011

CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: August 19, 2011

The middle of August tends to be a period where people catch their breath, take a vacation and ramp up for GRAPH EXPO in Chicago September 11-14. That doesn’t mean there isn’t interesting news that you won’t want to miss. This week we have some interesting news that covers marketing, documents, quick response codes (QR codes) and trend information for GRAPH EXPO 2011. Be sure to check out the below articles to stay on top of the world in which we work.


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14 Million Americans Used QR Codes in June (via Hubspot Blog)—Are you on the fence about QR codes? We wouldn’t blame you if you are, but recently there have been a lot of reports on the adoption rate in regard to QR codes interaction by end-consumers. Hubspot Blog takes you through the new data released by comScore—and it might just get you to join the QR bandwagon.

5 Reasons Your Product Documentation Is a Marketing Asset (via Mashable)—Find out why one of marketing’s oldest tools has become a secret weapon even in a period where smartphone apps and social media dominate headlines. These five reasons show you the power of good documentation and how you can leverage it in your industry. It might change your view of documentation from “necessary evil” to competitive advantage.

Social Media: There’s a Monthly Print Magazine for That (via PrintMediaCentr)—Hot off the press for September is the launch of The Social Media Monthly. You aren’t living in the twilight zone, this is truly a print magazine (with digital edition) that covers social media. Seems a little awkward? Click through to see what people are saying and to check out the content.

Top Five Software Trends to Watch at Graph Expo 2011 (via WhatTheyThink?)—GRAPH EXPO is top of mind for a lot of people in the digital print, workflow and software industries. It is a time where people come together to check out the latest in printing technology—and it has become quite the show for software. Bryan Yeager takes you through the “Top Five” software trends to keep your eye on this year at the show. See you in Chicago!