August 31, 2012

CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: August 31, 2012

This past week has shown surge in digital post or digital mailbox news from around the globe; since this is a particular focus area for Crawford Technologies and our customers it encompasses most of our ‘must reads’ this week. That said we do have an interesting video blog on HP and their Graphic Arts Experience Center, which is sure to be of interest to anyone in the commercial or production printing business.

On deck for this week includes a the aforementioned video blog by InfoTrends, a look at the switch out of Fujifilm in place of Salmat in the Digital Post Australia venture, what it means to be an Efficiency Ninja and its relationship to digital mail and how digital mail is creating better patient engagement in the healthcare industry. Finally we also have information on the DM Awards and our recent release of a thought provoking white paper around exploring digital mailbox services.

Has digital mail made it to conversations during your business outlook for next year?


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Print Samples from HP’s Graphic Arts Experience Center (via InfoBlog)—Jim Hamilton of InfoTrends took a trip out to Hewlett Packard to discover the fruits of their production printing labor. Find out what he saw and his reactions via his video blog.

Fujifilm to replace Salmat as digital post replaces printed mail (via ProPrint)—in an interesting turn of events Fujifilm is set to take over Salmat’s 40% stake in Digital Post Australia, a digital mailbox services set to drive paperless adoption across Australia. Find out what the change means and the outlook for the future of Digital Post Australia.

Efficiency Ninja Part 2: Bye Bye Bills! (via WIRED)—what does being an Efficiency Ninja have to do with Digital Mailbox Services and going paperless? Find out in this humorous yet interesting article from WIRED as they look at the Manilla digital mailbox offering.

Adding New Channels to Ease the Bill Paying Process and Improve Patient Engagement (via Becker’s Hospital Review) —Digital Mailbox Services are starting to pop up everywhere as people learn the benefits and the methods it can be used and implemented. This example comes from the healthcare industry and looks at working with doxo to improve patient relationships through engagement.

DM Awards Finalists Announced via Twitter (via @DMMagAndAwards)—Check out all of the Document Manager Magazine Award finalists including Crawford Technologies for Best Software. Want to participate? We would love your vote! Vote at

Crawford Technologies Releases New White Paper Exploring the Emerging Global Digital Mailbox Revolution — it is anticipated that billions of paperless transactional documents are set to be delivered to customers worldwide by 2015, yet today only 15% of business mail is delivered electronically. That is why now is the time for organizations to take the leap and implement digital mailbox technology – before their competitors beat them to it. Read the full press release and white paper today.



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