August 5, 2011

CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: August 5, 2011


Welcome to the next instalment of our list of ‘must reads’ from inside the walls of CrawfordTech. As we mentioned in last week’s inaugural post, we seek to do more than provide the best software, services and solutions to the customers and industries we serve; our goal is to provide educational content to help keep everyone on the leading edge.


If you missed our inaugural post, here is a recap on how this works. Every Friday we will be posting articles that are ‘must reads’ based on news we have found interesting, informative or relevant to the spaces our business touches. Have other links we should feature?

Tell us about them in the comments section below.

23 Color Resources for Designers (via—Have you hit a creative block with choosing colors? Or perhaps you just aren’t sure if the color selections you are making fit the application? In this article by DMG they have provided 23 resources for designers to help select the perfect color. Even if you aren’t a designer, these tools are useful to get you started down the road of color selection.

Cross-Media Marketing: The Evolution Takes Hold (via InfoTrends InfoBlog)—If you are in the printing industry then you have probably heard of InfoTrends. This article talks about the move from offering only print to providing multiple media options and opportunities for your marketing initiatives. More than that, the authors talk about the need for solid marketing strategy and the newly released study The Evolution of the Cross-Media Marketing Services Provider. One of the keys to success; change.

Meet Ryan Trecartin, Art’s First Genius Of The YouTube Age (via—The multichannel world isn’t only affecting how we reach out to customers and prospects; it is also affecting how people express themselves through what was once a print or painted medium—art. Get some interesting insight into someone who The New Yorker has declared as the “most consequential artist to emerge since the 1980s”. Besides YouTube, this artist is also in the process of developing and exploring his own iPhone app.

Google+ Is the Social Network That’s All About Search (via—This guest feature talks about the ’buzz‘ of the Google+ launch and a differing point-of-view on their strategy. See why the author isn’t convinced that Google+ is meant to be a Facebook killer or cloud monopoly strategy. We will give you a hint; there is a lot of discussion around advertising and search as the main motive.

Video News Break: The Blair Pitch Project (via—In this video you will find out what some have called some of the most disturbing news of 2011. Click through to see what PrintMediaCentr discovered during The Blair Pitch Project. The printing industry just won’t be the same again.


[Image courtesy of moriza]