December 23, 2011

CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: December 23, 2011

As we wind down the last weeks of 2011 Crawford Technologies would like to thank all of our readers for stopping by the blog this year and supporting the launch of our Weekly Reading List. For 2012 we are planning a host of new content, so we hope to entice you will educational, interesting and inspiring content in the New Year. In this edition, we have the top of the tops with PrintMediaCentr’s Top Ten for the past year and M-bossed’s Top Five. On a sadder note, the print industry says goodbye to the founder of Xerox PARC and on the lighter side we have a fun holiday video from a Canadian printer.


Workin’ In A Printer Wonderland? Check out the video from Quality in Print to see how close they come to your wonderland experience. Happy Holidays!

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PMC’s Top Ten Posts of 2011 (via PrintMediaCentr)—take a look back at 2011 with PrintMediaCentr and remember the print, QR code, Solar and Infographics oh my.

Your Top 5 Articles of 2011 on M-bossed (via M-bossed)—if you are on the leading edge of multi-channel marketing or are looking to catch up over the holidays then you won’t want to miss this. Ryan McAbee has put together the best of the best from M-bossed on QR code use and the evolution of the Printer.

Jack Goldman, Founder of Xerox PARC, Dies (via Wired)—at age 90 we say goodbye to the founder of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). Jack passed on Tuesday from congestive heart failure, but will be remember for creating the first pure research facility within Xerox. Read on to learn more about the major technology advances from PARC, including the graphic user interface, object-oriented programming, Ethernet and the Laser printer, that evolved under Jack’s guidance.

Until 2012 (via Quality in Print)—on the lighter side, we got a good chuckle from the Workin’ In A Printer Wonderland video. A real A+ for the holidays and we hope it will make you smile like it did for us here in the Crawford Technologies office.

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