December 9, 2011

CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: December 9, 2011

The Holiday season is in full force and we can bet you have your eye on the coming time with your family and finishing the last of your holiday shopping. Of course, there is also the year-end and in that spirit we are keeping an eye on stories that are important to the industry. This week we have an announcement from InfoTrends around Digital Mailbox Services, how HD cameras in smartphones are changing the world, mobile e-commerce and why social marketing is of growing importance and a commentary on future print volumes versus todays.


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InfoTrends Expects Digital Mailbox Services to Deliver 2 Billion Paperless Transaction Documents to Consumers in 2015 (via InfoTrends)—Digital Postal Mail has spurred many questions in the print and mail industry. Of those include questions of adoption, benefits to consumers and how organizations will implement. See this release from InfoTrends on their newly released study on the subject.

HD Smartphone Cameras Make High Quality Film Accessible to All (via TNGG)—mobile technology is changing the course of business by making tasks easier to complete while on the run. This article takes a look at HD camera integration into cell phones. With one third of American’s owning a smartphone, it is no surprise that cameras on cell phones are playing a huge roll in multichannel and multimedia adoption. Find out how this is driving Citizen Production and what that means.

Companies Must Capitalize More On Social, Mobile To Drive Revs (via MediaPost)—the Holidays are here and so is holiday spending. This article looks at why companies must start engaging in mobile and social media marketing. Are there indications that mobile e-commerce is driving holiday spending growth? Read on to find out.

Future print volumes will be no worse than today: Schreier (via PrintWeek)—will printing volumes in the future be better or worse than today? It is a topic that is on many people’s minds across many different industries. The fact is that print is a driver of the world economy. This article recaps the Heidelberg end-of-year press briefing and the Chairman and chief executive Bernhard Schreier’s position that print volumes will be no worse in the future.

Crawford Technologies Experiences Record Growth in 2011 (via—released on Tuesday, we are excited to announce a record year for our company. If you didn’t see the release you can read it via the link above. We would like to thank our valued customers, partners and the media for supporting us as we continue to bring great products and innovation to the industry.

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