September 30, 2011

CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: September 30, 2011

Can you believe it is the end of September? It seems like just yesterday we were spending time face-to-face with our customers and partners at GRAPH EXPO 2011.

Then we went on to DMS Expo in Germany as well as attending the Xplor XDU On the Road in Kansas. It has been quite the month and in case you missed out on any of these events we have an excellent recap coming in the Crawford Courier (our ‘must read’ newsletter) next week.

Until then, we have some interesting news stories that range from insight into the USPS, North America’s first executive forum for print media and the PrintMediaCentr Vendor Spotlight on Ernie Crawford, our founder and president.

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Mag Bag: USPS May Raise Rates, After All (via MediaPost)—the USPS has been getting a lot of press lately and for those in the mailing industry or whom provide services to the mailing industry the news is a bit unnerving. In this article from MediaPost find out why we may see 8%-9% rate hikes and how the ‘emergency conditions’ are driving them.

How technology could be the killer and savior of the US Postal Service (via Digital Trends)—more coverage on the state of the USPS, this article talks about how the communication preferences of customers can effect business operation models and why this scenario is symptomatic of what the USPS faces today. Dig deeper with Digital Trends to find out their perspective on how the USPS situation can be turned around in seven steps. Also note the discussion of one of our partners for digital mail, Zumbox.

Executive forum for print media in Banff a first for North America (via Printing Impressions)—you might wonder why an executive forum for print media is meeting for the first time. Surely printing as an industry is a downward trend, right? According to this article we spotted as part of the Printing Impressions newsfeed, the printing industry is the fourth-largest employer in the manufacturing industry. What’s more is that the forum has come out of the need to change the perspective of how people look at print. Read on to see why executives in the industry believe that print is integral to how we communicate—now and in the future.

PMC’s Vendor Spotlight: Ernie Crawford President, Crawford Technologies (via PrintMediaCentr)—this week we are including this spotlight by PrintMediaCentr for those who want to learn more about the man behind Crawford Technologies and the offerings we provide the High Volume Transaction Output (HVTO), archiving and document accessibility industries. Check out this interview hot off the press!

[Image courtesy of zoetnet]