September 7, 2012

CrawfordTech’s Weekly Reading List: September 7, 2012

Last week’s reading list looked heavily at news in the digital mail and digital mailbox services marketplace. This week we are switching gears to take a look at the digital print production market including high volume transactional output and automation. As part of that workflow discussion we have included news from the USPS and their productivity decline and a look at best practices in B2B communications.

Also, with GRAPH EXPO 2012 right around the corner, be sure to check our page on The Printerverse to find out how to register for our two demonstrations (Digital Mail and Workflow Automation) and a chance to win a free GRAPH EXPO session pass. 

Have you looked at the future of the Print Production Workflow Market and the latest tools?


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InfoTrends Predicts Growth For The Print Production Workflow Market Despite Economic Woes (via MyPrintResource)—are Print Service Providers investing in new technologies and methods? A new study from InfoTrends shows a 9.3% growth in software vendors’ revenues in 2011. Find out the outlook through 2016 and what trends the PSPs are looking towards.

Sophistication in Automation (via DPS Magazine)—everyone can use a boost in productivity, especially when every dollar and person hour counts towards profitable operation. Cassandra Carnes looks at the effect of streamlining workflows and what those around the print industry have to say about it. Is it an investment your organization should be looking at? All that and more from DPS Magazine.

8 Reasons USPS Productivity Is Declining: The Employees Speak Out (via Dead Tree Edition) —many have probably seeing the recent USPS Productivity Has Declined This Year article, but the question quickly became why? In a second round, the Dead Tree Edition seeks to answer that question.

Featured Podcast: Best Practice for B2B Communications (via Document Strategy Podcast) —in this episode Kevin Craine explores the different challenges and opportunities B2B firms face, relative to their B2C brethren and how those challenges and opportunities should be accounted for in the design of your document and communications strategies. How can executives, decision makers, and change agents at B2Bs integrate an effective document strategy? And what does all this mean for document and info-tech industry professionals? 

DM Awards Finalists Announced via Twitter (via @DMMagAndAwards)—Check out all of the Document Manager Magazine Award finalists including Crawford Technologies for Best Software. Want to participate? We would love your vote! Vote today.

Crawford Technologies Releases New White Paper Exploring the Emerging Global Digital Mailbox Revolution (via CrawfordTech)—it is anticipated that billions of paperless transactional documents are set to be delivered to customers worldwide by 2015, yet today only 15% of business mail is delivered electronically. That is why now is the time for organizations to take the leap and implement digital mailbox technology – before their competitors beat them to it.


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