July 6, 2015

Deploying a Modern Customer Communications Archiving Solution

This blog is based on Tech Target series of white papers produced in association with the InfoArchive Consortium (IAC) focused on next generation data preservation.

Traditional customer communications and report archives relied on capital purchases of new hardware infrastructure, as well as the ongoing costs of maintaining, powering and managing that infrastructure (not to mention the cost of replacing it every four years or so). This is a multimillion-dollar expense.

Many organizations can be reluctant to move from legacy environments because of the investment they have already buried in the existing infrastructure, and also because of the potential challenge of migrating archived content. But not moving forward is a much more costly and risky strategy.

In moving forward, it is important to deploy the right solution and to also carefully evaluate the best way to go about the migration process. Many organizations look at upgrading their customer communications archive as a two-step process.

STEP 1: The “Day Forward” Model

The first step involves deploying the technology immediately for current and future activities, i.e., a “day forward” model that waits to address legacy archives.

STEP 2: Migrating Your Archive

The second step would then involve migrating the existing archive.

This two-step process helps to address current challenges without delaying the move to a new solution because of migration concerns.

The other key factor is making sure you choose a solution that delivers all of the key features and functions we covered in this series.

The move to next-generation storage strategies is best exemplified by EMC’s InfoArchive product, which is built on open standards and is able to store information either on-premises or off-premises. Now in partnership with EMC, Crawford Technologies offers our market leading customer communications archiving technology integrated with the EMC InfoArchive platform.

See why organizations need to move on from their legacy archiving system in this post from our Tech Target series.

The InfoArchive Consortium also hosted a webinar on the topic of Next Generation Data Preservation based off of the Tech Target whitepapers. Click here to view it on-demand.