April 25, 2012

Digital Mailbox Services: A Story We All Know With a New Solution

Below is a story about Nicole; a story that might sound familar for anyone working in a company that is looking to communicate with their customers better, more efficiently and without breaking the bank. Follow Nicole’s journey below and see where the story leads…Nicole has a problem; She has been tasked with helping her company reduce costs, while maintaining or improving customer service and satisfaction. Naturally, the first place she starts to look is where large expenditures are being recorded. After reviewing company expenditures, it leads Nicole to look at the millions of customer bills, letters, statements, policies and other documents that her company mails every year. She thinks there must be something we can do here, especially with all the talk of going digital and paperless.But could it really be that simple?

She knows that her company has been trying to convince their customers to view their documents at her company’s website and turn off their printed documents. After some initial customer interest and use the company was disappointed to see that adoption has only made it to 8%. 
Since the adoption rate had leveled off, Nicole decided to dig deeper and meet with stakeholders around the business to gather their thoughts and ideas. 
First, Nicole met with the operations team to understand if there are any opportunities to do things differently. These folks are very smart and had some good ideas, but the cost and implementation time seemed bigger than the savings gains, even in the long-run. 
Next Nicole met with the IT team that manages all of the many applications that create her company’s customer documents. She couldn’t believe how many different systems, document creation tools and processes are involved in generating all of these documents. The sheer number and complexity made it hard to see how any savings would be had by making changes to them.
While Nicole was in this process of meeting with the different departments she decided she should do a web search to see if anything came up with print and mail optimization. More specifically she was looking for something that would increase their paperless adoption and help them drive digital document distribution instead of printed hardcopies. 
The result was a newsletter article by a Crawford Technologies talking about multi-channel communications management, but more specifically customer preference management and Digital Mailbox Services (DMS) integration. As Nicole read through the information her interest grew. This might be what her company was looking for; the ability to interface with any DMS and have a secure and accurate customer preference management capability to ensure their customers’ communications needs are met. 
The cost and implementation factors looked manageable—affordable even—and Nicole knew that putting all the systems and procedures in place to manage multiple Digital Mailbox Services internally was not only unlikely, but prohibitive. With CrawfordTech’s solution she could not only present a solution to increase paperless adoption, but at a cost that would be significantly less than the paper communications her company currently sends.
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[Image Courtesy of Mr. Thomas