May 20, 2015

Ensure Your Customer Communications Are Accessible and Understandable

Social responsibility, regulatory requirements and significant non-compliance settlements are driving organizations to evaluate how to deliver accessible business documents so that they may properly serve all of their customers, including those who cannot consume documents via print or standard visual digital interfaces.

Organizations must make key decisions regarding how they will generate, maintain and distribute physical and electronic versions of their documents in accessible formats so that all customers can use and understand such documents equally well.

In March, 2012, Crawford Technologies published Business Documents: Meeting Accessibility Needs of the Visually Impaired, which outlined the business case for corporations and organizations to adopt dual accessible document delivery strategies: 1) offering accessible hardcopy versions of business documents in braille, large print, audio and e-text; as well as 2) offering accessible online documents for all customers that require them.

This whitepaper updates Crawford Technologies' previous paper, based upon recent developments in the industry around accessible PDF.

Some of the highlights of this white paper include:

  • An Introduction to Accessibility
  • Types of Accessible Documents
  • Accessible Legislation
  • Producing Accessible PDFs
  • What does this PDF/UA international standard define?
  • Where does WCAG fit in?
  • Today’s options for creating accessible PDF
  • Considerations for how to deploy accessible PDFs
  • Automated conversion of transaction documents to accessible PDF – Compliance
  • High volume and high speed conversion

Download our valuable white paper, to understand accessible PDF formats such as PDF/UA.