December 30, 2015

Happy New Year

All of us at Crawford Technologies would like to wish you a Happy New Year. We are looking forward to a productive and busy 2016, with many exciting activities, announcements and events.

As the New Year starts, it’s a good time to take a look at several big-picture industry trends that will impact all of us over the next few years.

Interest in providing digital archiving services in conjunction with traditional paper-based transactions continues to increase. Although implementing integrated digital support can be a challenge, it’s clear that the benefits are significant in terms of internal efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction. Crawford Technologies Business Unit Manager Tim Nelms shares some interesting statistics on digital communications in this blog post.

Whether it’s digital, or consists of more traditional image and text formats, there’s been a virtual explosion in the sheer volume of information and records that organizations need to manage. This of course contributes to the complexity of enterprise content management. Meanwhile, as the meaning of customer engagement changes, and as the role of analytics becomes even more essential, the underlying paradigm of the relationship between content and process is transformed. A recent blog post discusses this new reality in more detail.

In looking at print and mailing service providers, we all recognize that interest in production Inkjet Presses continues to grow. Implementing an efficient workflow that leverages the speed and other capabilities of the press is a vital component in achieving ROI – especially in this highly competitive market. However, it can be challenging, particularly when considering the multiple existing processes and systems that are typically in place. We have been looking at this closely, and will continue to provide tools like PRO Inkjet Express that enable a painless migration to an automated inkjet workflow.

In addition, there are some overlying themes and forces which intersect with all of these areas. The role of data, and its huge importance, can’t be overstated. Put simply, data underlies, supports and/or augments each one of these market trends. Managing, accessing, transforming, securing, and using data efficiently are all fundamental for success.

Document accessibility for the growing population of blind and partially sighted individuals is another overarching theme. As new regulations and increased enforcement continue to evolve, accessibility becomes a requirement for virtually all businesses. Understanding the difference between accommodation and compliance, and incorporating accessible documents as an essential element of all document management and delivery processes is no longer an option, but is a necessity. As recognized leaders in providing document accessibility services and solutions, CrawfordTech will continue to offer educational sessions on accessibility, including a series of webinars that will start on January 28 with a review of PRO Accessibility Express.

Crawford Technologies is fortunate that our solutions were designed and architected to scale and evolve in response to broader industry and market requirements. As we continue to celebrate our 20th anniversary as a company, we look forward to maintaining the tradition of high quality innovation that has resulted in a consistent record of growth and success.