December 15, 2015

How AIIM has Influenced Our Products

Like IBM®, which used to be an acronym for its longer company name, the Association for Information and Image Management is now universally referred to by its acronym AIIM®. The AIIM organization has been an early and proactive advocate for the effective utilization of content through knowledge management and other disciplines. Through the years, the emphasis of its mission has shifted from Image to Information as Big Data has outgrown Micrographics in importance.

AIIM has emerged as one of the leading global communities for ECM professionals with events, training, and resources. They have tools for assessing and benchmarking ECM deployments.

The CrawfordTech Riptide® output management platform adds annotations, stamps, tables of contents, and performs other functions that will enhance sets of documents being distributed. This improves customer experiences and more effectively engages the people performing the next steps in the workflow processes. Riptide’s automation makes the senders more productive; Riptide’s document enhancement features make the recipients more effective. All parties are more engaged.

However, Analytics alone may not be the solution to the Big Data problem. Steve Weissman, Holly Group, was one of four people inducted as a fellow by AIIM at their Spring conference for his contributions to the industry. In an interview segment entitled “Usability tops the list of ECM vendors' software to-dos,” Steve points out that “nothing devalues the success of software more than when users won't use the software.” He points out that “Users are tired of heavy, hard-to-navigate interfaces and want something more like Dropbox that they can start using immediately to share documents with colleagues easily and without training. . .”

Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem that Steve raises. Again, CrawfordTech Riptide® is an output management platform that integrates into ECM deployments to provide the ideal balance between ease of use and powerful functionality. It is server-based technology that automates manual document handling processes for knowledge workers, customer service, and case management professionals freeing them to be more productive and effective.

An example of this is the IBM Content Navigator integration of Riptide which uses a shopping cart motif. Users can begin working with documents in any of the IBM repositories as Content Navigator provides a uniform user interface while facilitating their access to content. The accessed documents can be in any format, such a Word or PDF. As the documents are selected for output, users simply move them to the Riptide Cart. When a particular set of documents is complete, such as a case file in a case management application or a mortgage application in a finance application, the Riptide Cart is released to distribution. The preset defaults govern the set of functional enhancements and distribution modes used for the documents unless overridden. The Riptide end users are provided with a ‘drag and drop’ ‘no learning curve’ user interface which allows them to be more productive Day 1.

Crawford Technologies will be exhibiting at the AIIM conference in New Orleans in March 18-20, 2016, but those who don’t want to wait are invited to contact us at