August 5, 2015

IBM and Cloud-Solutions Vendor Box Enter into Major Partnership

At the end of June 2015, IBM entered into a strategic global partnership with Box, a major vendor of Cloud management and solutions. This relationship will have major implications for ECM deployments in the future as Cloud and hybrid ECM deployments become more common. Box has tens of thousands of customers across all volume segments of the market including the enterprise end of the IBM Enterprise Content Management market. As IBM and Box said in their joint webinar, it was natural for them to work together when their customers asked them to.

Doug Hunt, General Manager, IBM ECM, pointed out that IBM already has IBM Case Management on Cloud and Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) on Cloud. These two solutions are vanguards of future Cloud offerings. When Box integrates with IBM’s Enterprise Content Management technology, presumably it will be via these products as well as the announcements about email (Verse) and social collaboration (IBM Connections).

The formal analysts saw three areas of focus for the deal: Content Management, Cloud Services, and Mobility. However, a copyrighted blog post by PHIGs titled “#ECM Impact of the IBM / Box Partnership” captured what is perhaps the best summary of the IBM / Box deal: “IBM is suddenly cool!”

As pointed out above, the thrust of the IBM – Box announcement was several unspecified future offerings. In the joint webinar on a slide titled “Upcoming Solutions Powered by Box and IBM Integrations,”, the lead bullet was one which referred to the ability to “use a single interface for content, whether stored on premise in the IBM Content Navigator platform or in the cloud on the Box platform.” Which brings one back to the reality that for ECMs containing transactional records, or with financial data, with customer data, etc. data security is paramount and these will likely be on premise for the foreseeable future. And there are solutions available today for your on-premise ECMs.

Content Navigator is already integrated with the Riptide® solution from Crawford Technologies, a software add-on for FileNet, Content Manager OnDemand and other ECMs that automate their output management functionality. Document sets are produced from any data source that Content Navigator can access, even the Box cloud platform in the near future, and distributed to network attached printers and other destinations including mobile ones.

Sets can be collations of documents from different data sources including documents in differing data formats. Documents can be sub-sets and sorted. They can be enhanced with features such as annotations, watermarks, stamps, and tables of contents.

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To read the original blog post from IBM about the announcement of IBM and Box strategic partnership, click here.