July 22, 2015

InfoArchive: The Platform for Next Generation Customer Communication Archives

This blog is based on Tech Target series of white papers produced in association with the InfoArchive Consortium (IAC) focused on next generation data preservation.

The move to next-generation customer communications archiving strategies is best exemplified by EMC’s InfoArchive product, which is built on open standards and is able to store information either on-premises or off-premises. InfoArchive leverages storage policies to allow content to be stored locally or remotely and move automatically over time as information ages.

With InfoArchive, structured and unstructured data from multiple applications is managed by a single application, which removes information silos and streamlines access control and compliance management. Adopting storage infrastructure that is common across archives is critical because it reduces the administration overhead of managing dedicated storage infrastructure for each application or archive silo.

EMC and Crawford Technologies is further facilitating the move to next-generation archiving through the InfoArchive Consortium, which is an alliance of companies with a common interest in legacy application decommissioning, active data archiving, database archiving and customer communications archiving. In the area of customer communications archiving, the InfoArchive Consortium leverages the technology and expertise of Crawford Technologies.

Crawford Technologies is a market leader in customer communications archiving and e-presentment solutions integrated with enterprise content management and archiving platforms, such as InfoArchive. PRO Archiver for InfoArchive is Crawford Technologies’ customer communications and report archiving solution specifically designed for next generation customer communications archiving. PRO Archiver can be used to archive almost any kind of business document, including statements, policy documents, trade confirmations, patient records and reports, whether these documents come from packaged applications or custom business systems.

To find out how InfoArchive provides a great platform for next generation customer communications archiving solution, see why organizations need to move on from their legacy archiving system in this post from our Tech Target series.

The InfoArchive Consortium also hosted a webinar on the topic of Next Generation Data Preservation based off of the Tech Target whitepapers. Click here to view it on-demand.