March 24, 2015

Make Your Customer Communications Secure and Compliant to Legislation With Redaction

In a time that felt long ago, you received statements that had all of your personal information listed right there on the front page. Your credit card statements had the full 16 digit number, financial statements had your full account number and your life insurance documents had your social security number. Now, because of legislation and privacy acts, all of this information has to be protected and can only show the last four digits of your accounts or other personal information.

Considering the importance of keeping personal information private, I want to discuss how redaction can ensure that all of your documents produced for customer communications are secure and compliant to legislation.

Below are three situations where redaction will ensure your documents are secure and compliant:

1. Taking a customer’s 1980s mortgage statement out of a storage repository to be sent to them.

2. Producing a proof of concept with a vendor and they want real world, live files to test.

3. The ability to remove personal information from the Metadata.

Taking Older Documents Out of Repositories

Today, because of legislation, our current statements are protected and don’t have personal information included in customer communications that are being sent via electronic or print formats. What if you have a customer who needs the documents from when they originally purchased a life insurance policy 30-years ago? That original document is going to have the full account number, probably their social security number and several other pieces of personal information that needs to be redacted.

Producing Proof of Concepts

Let’s say that you are a vendor and your customer wants to test your software to ensure that what they are purchasing is going to work for their needs. Many vendors create fake data. When it is tested it works perfectly, of course, and everything is great. Then, the customer installs the software and use their real data and something crashes or doesn’t work the way it should. With redaction software you can use real data from your customers and scramble the private information so it can be used as test data that would fit a real world scenario.

Removing Private Information from the Metadata

Some companies claim that they are removing the private information from statements and bills, but what they are actually doing is putting black or white boxes over the information so it looks like it is not there. Hackers, they can easily go into that document and retrieve the metadata and get the full account number, social security number or other information that has been “removed.” With Redaction Express from Crawford Technologies, the information is completely removed from the metadata as if the information was never there.

Learn How to Leverage Redaction

If you are interested in learning more about how to successfully redact your customer communications watch our on-demand webinar Are you Sure Your Documents Are Secure and Compliant?