June 2, 2015

Move on From Legacy Customer Communications Archives

Enterprise IT strategists and business decision makers who are slow to move to next-generation models for customer communications archiving are exposing their organizations to unnecessary risks that can negatively impact spending, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance. They are also delaying a change that is both necessary and inevitable.

Organizations need to move on from their legacy customer communications archives to next-generation models in order to:

• Address unprecedented growth in business information;

• Reduce the growing expense involved in paper-based communications;

• Provide customers with instant, online, mobile-based access to current account information;

• Rein in mounting capital equipment costs, including storage;

• Ensure compliance by deploying faster and more responsive solutions that address stricter and more fluid compliance requirements that vary from country to country and industry to industry;

• Support big data analytics by leveraging the vast amount of valuable information housed in customer communications archives;

• Move on from expensive legacy systems to better position the organization for the future.

If you want to learn more on this topic of customer communications archiving, then stay tuned for the next blog in this series, Characteristics of Next Generation Archives.

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