June 16, 2015

Characteristics of Next Generation Archives

This blog is based on Tech Target series of white papers produced in association with the InfoArchive Consortium (IAC) focused on next generation data preservation.

One is the reality that the longer you wait, the more money you are wasting and the more records you will eventually have to migrate to the new formats.

Next, while it is difficult to measure the potential cost impact of lost business opportunities, the possibility certainly exists if competitors are a step ahead of you in addressing customer needs for mobility and real-time access.

In addition, the technologies and standards that are defining next-generation communications archiving solutions are now available and ready for deployment, so there is no reason to wait. In fact, these technologies and standards have evolved enormously in just the past few years, with higher-density storage, better search technologies and new archiving formats. If your organization is still using legacy archiving practices, you may be asking what, specifically, are the characteristics that make a customer communications archiving system “next-generation?”.

To gain perspective on the most important features of a next generation customer communications archiving solution, see why organizations need to move on from their legacy archiving system in this post from our Tech Target series.

The InfoArchive Consortium hosted a webinar on the topic of Next Generation Data Preservation. Click here to view it on-demand.