May 14, 2014

Reflections on EMC World and Momentum 2014

EMC World 2014 was a blur last week and an incredibly busy one for Crawford Technologies. So it is only now that I am starting to sit back and reflect upon the best of the five days and the big themes from last week.

I guess the first thing to say about IIG’s Momentum partner and user conference is that we are starting to see this business unit hit their stride again. There are four areas of the business that deserve particular attention – Syncplicity, InfoArchive, 3rd Platform solutions and industry business solutions. More about these later on this blog.

If I look back to our wish list for EMC World I can see that we have been luckily enough to be granted two of our five wishes.

Wish #1 - EMC IIG Announces Something Game Changing – Wish Granted

Every EMC partner that I know of has been waiting for EMC IIG to come up with the next big thing and Jeroen Van Rotterdam has been feeding us nuggets of information in previous years about a new SaaS based offering – codenamed Next Generation Information Server (NGIS).

It appears that NGIS is going mainstream this year and is being more readily referred to as EMC IIG’s Application Platform as a Service offering, specifically designed to support the needs of the 3rd platform. The first APaaS offering will appear this year in the form of a vertical industry offering for Energy sector – Supplier Exchange – a portal for cross document sharing on large capital engineering projects.

The APaaS platform is based on sister company Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry platform, into which IIG will be adding core content services. At the bottom of the stack sits IIG’s dDB database, Cassandra and the Swift blobstore.

Exciting stuff, which CrawfordTech is watching with interest as the next target for our print-stream archiving offerings.

Wish #4 - EMC InfoArchive Takes Over the World– Wish Granted

This topic continues to be a personal favorite of mine. I’ve been working in the world of archiving for the better part of 15 years and this is one of the products that interests me most because it is a genuinely next generation platform for archiving that escapes from the constraints of relationally based archive technologies.

CrawfordTech announced two major InfoArchive initiatives at EMC World. In the first instance we launched our own print-stream archiving solution for the platform which is seeing enormous interest. Secondly, we announced that along with Flatirons, Solix, IS Solutions and Windward Group we were forming the InfoArchive Consortium to develop best practice in this new product area.

Rick Devenuti and other IIG executives were extremely supportive of both initiatives. And, from the volume of mail I have received as follow-up to the show I can tell you that InfoArchive looks set to make stellar progress this year.

Two other contributions from IIG that deserve notice this year. Syncplicity is clearly a product that has hit its stride and the announcement that Boeing was adopting the product enterprise wide was a clear indication the potential for this product in EMC’s Enterprise accounts. Secondly, EMC’s vertical business offerings in Life Sciences, Energy and Healthcare are starting to gain ground and our observation is that investments in this area appear to be making ground.

So did EMC IIG grant all my wishes for 2014? Well no, but then again the very positive direction that IIG are moving in should give us all cause to thank our fairy godmothers. Rick and his team deserve great credit for backing the InfoArchive and the APaaS strategies – two of the best new initiatives of recent years. These are initiatives that resonate with the customers, the market and the partner community.

Until EMC World and Momentum 2015, goodbye.