July 30, 2015

Taking the Next Step

This post concludes Crawford Technologies’ “Tech Target” series of white papers, produced in association with the InfoArchive Consortium (IAC) focused on next generation data preservation.

As time goes on it has become clear that the important trends challenging the efficiency (and efficacy) of legacy customer communications archiving solutions are not going away — if anything they are accelerating rapidly.

Companies must deal with exponential data growth, more stringent regulatory environments, changing customer needs, tighter IT budgets, and the reality of a world that is increasingly based on digital solutions and technologies.

Moving to a next-generation solution for customer communications archiving provides a clear path to lower costs and improved customer satisfaction, while also equipping the organization with a solution that is vital for the future. With solutions such as EMC’s InfoArchive and Crawford Technologies’ PRO Archiver, enterprises can achieve the immediate benefits of a next-generation solution, while migrating legacy archives at their own pace. Now is the time to get started.

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