March 9, 2015

The Need for Next Generation Enterprise Archiving

Business information is growing at an unprecedented rate. Indeed, experts point to a 4,300% increase by 2020. The tide of data and documents is challenging companies who need to store, manage, and leverage that information in order to operate their business. Users, technical support, and executives all struggle with the volume and complexity of data. At the same time, organizations also face increasingly strict regulations and compliance demands that place further burden on IT operations. If that weren’t enough, this mix of explosive data volumes and rising operational demands comes at a time when many IT departments have been forced into serious cost cutting; literally, doing more with less.

Volumes and Complexity a Challenge

Enterprise archive applications today are bursting with a staggering array of different types and formats of information: transactions, customer communications, voice recordings, XML data, print streams, and many other types of structured and unstructured data and content. This accumulation stretches archive capacity to the breaking point and results in higher run costs for servers, storage, application maintenance, database software, and operations. With 80% of IT budgets tied up in legacy systems, this problem is growing to the point that it is now no longer possible to move forward without addressing. Keeping all information in its source application is neither cost-effective nor scalable.

New Archive Approaches Needed

Archive technology and standards have evolved enormously, and now is the time to take advantage of that evolution. We now can employ much higher density storage, better search technologies, new archiving formats, and mobile devices that all make a real difference in how we capture, store, share and safeguard critical business information.

Crawford Technologies has a twenty year track record in customer communications archiving and our products and expertise are used by hundreds of customers around the world. Now in partnership with EMC, Crawford Technologies offers market leading customer communications archiving technology integrated with the EMC InfoArchive platform.

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(Photo courtesy of MedillNSZ)