June 10, 2014

The Print Industry: We Are All the Same, But Different, and Here Is How

 Crawford Technologies, long before I joined, built the idea of being a part of the industries we provide solutions; it is a cornerstone of the organizations foundation. As part of that mission I joined up with Print Media Centr (PMC) to write a regular column for their newsletter. The goal: to connect all of us better in the print industry—regardless of our type of print.

While we haven’t changed the Universe, we seek, Print Media Centr and Crawford Technologies, to help drive the valuable connections and understanding within the larger Print industry (yes, print with a big P).


Our area in printing is fairly niche, but touches just about everyone’s lives. The business for us is high-volume print of Transactional documents (bills, statements, EOBs, etc.), something many in our industry call Enterprise Output Management, Customer Communications and High-Volume Transactional Output (HVTO). Already, I think you can see why you need a scorecard.

So we are all in the Print industry and we are providing the ability to print (or deliver electronically, but still look like a printed document). That said, Commercial Printers, Print Distributors, Print Service Providers, Service Bureaus, In-Plant and Transactional printers do different things, but sometimes use the same language…and even theories.

The result, a set of articles where this 20-something (almost 30 something) tries to connect the dots with the help of the now infamous PMC LinkedIn Group, Print Production Professionals. As part of our conversation in the industry, leave comments, the LinkedIn group or even an email to me directly.

As Deb Corn would say, “Print Long and Prosper.”

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