May 5, 2015

Thoughts About the Future of Data Preservation – Customer Communications Archiving

A few minutes ago I hosted an EMC Meet Up session on the topic of next generation customer communications archiving. Crawford Technologies along with Tech Target, the global information technology research and advisory firm, recently produced a new white papers focused on next generation data preservation and application decommissioning. This paper was produced in association with the InfoArchive Consortium (IAC) an alliance committed to scaling and fostering the adoption of next generation unified archiving based on the EMC® InfoArchive platform.

The session examined the opportunity to reduce costs and improve customer service by modernizing customer communications archives. As Tech Target says “Next-generation solutions allow organizations to move away from expensive and inefficient legacy archives by deploying a modern approach that minimizes the use of paper through digital technologies, formats and standards”.

Among many benefits we discussed in this session was, digital solutions for satisfying customer demands to access relevant information via mobile devices and applications. The right solutions to simplify compliance, enable cloud and premise-based models and support emerging big data analytics initiatives. And the advantages of moving to a next-generation customer communications archiving solution that can save you money and replace your legacy solutions.

Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to the session.